Question / Help new Rzr Kiyo Displaying garbo? Log incl help


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So i've also been able to get a preview of the video via razer's software. Two problems for me 1 | choppy video, definitely not 60 fps @720 | 2 | there's this constant flicker on the bottom 1/5th of my webcam screen. I'll go live right now and clip it and post. someone help plz I wanna be able to properly test/ stream w it today.

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03:35:07.579: [DShow Device: 'Video Capture Device 2'] settings updated:
03:35:07.579: video device: USB Video Device
03:35:07.579: video path: \\?\usb#vid_1532&pid_0e03&mi_00#6&1cd30d2f&0&0000#{65e8773d-8f56-11d0-a3b9-00a0c9223196}\global
03:35:07.579: resolution: 1280x720
03:35:07.579: fps: 59.94 (interval: 166833)
03:35:07.579: format: MJPEG
03:35:07.579: DShow: HDevice::ConnectPins: failed to connect pins (0x80040207): The owner SID on a per-user subscription doesn't exist

That looks like OBS is unable to access the video device. Either there's a driver issue, or the settings being applied to the device are not supported by the device.