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  1. C

    Media Playlist Source 0.0.6

    Media Playlist Source Introduction An OBS Plugin that serves as an alternative to VLC Video Source. It uses the Media Source internally. Features Allows editing the playlist without restarting the video, even if files are reordered. Allows editing any setting without restarting the video...
  2. M

    VLC Videosource - Subtitle feature request: Play external subtitle file(s)

    Use external subtitle files with played video files - (SRT preferred) to show when there is no subtitle in videofile or - play external subtitle file prioritized, even when a subtitle is included in videofile. - Recognizable and differentiable by countrycode, when there are more than one...
  3. M

    VLC Videosource - Subtitle feature request: Subtitles recognizable by countrycode

    Problem: Currently a subtitle is being chosen by its position number in videos file. Not always the preferred language is on the same position. And if you wnt to make sure the right subtitle shows, you're being forced to remux every video file to change subtitles position. Possible solution...
  4. A

    VLC Video source, no properties available!

    Hi, I'm using the official obs studio pma or something like this. At the start it didn't even have vlc Video source after I installed the libvlc the vlc Video source was there but when I want to add properties there's nothing! Only a text view with "No properties available". I really need help
  5. Lizardbytes

    VLC Video Source plays files consecutively but not directories

    When I first started using VLC Video Source I could create playlists consisting of directories (folders containing mp3's) and once the first directory in the playlist was finished it would move on to the next directory in the playlist. recently it will no longer play the directories...
  6. I

    Question / Help VLC source randomly pausing for a few seconds.

    I have an issue I can't seem to resolve. I have a 24x7 stream of video I stream and with moments, sometimes a lot sometimes not, I have pauses of a few seconds (between 2 and 10) in my stream. When investigating the pauses come from OBS or the VLC video source. I can see in OBS that the current...
  7. D

    Question / Help vlc источник

    about a day ago, there was a problem with the playback of the playlist, it does not work cyclically, moreover, it stopped capturing the next file, the first file plays and stops, then it does not pick up
  8. W

    Question / Help VLC Source playlist not playing all shuffled mp4 videos

    Hi, I have noticed on our obs that the playlist shuffle playing 1 folder of 100+ videos does not seem to play the videos in the upper 50 - 100. Once in 6 months we have seen it play a video above say 50. We have them numbered 01 to 100.mp4 Any suggestions? We re set to loop, shuffle, resume...
  9. S

    Improve VLC Video Source

    Hi, I use the VLC Video Source to play my YouTube content videos on my stream, one thing I think would be good is the ability to be able to see which VOD is playing, this could be somewhere on the OBS UI, on the main window or in the properties of the VLC Source on OBS, additionally some...
  10. M

    Question / Help VLC Video Source not showing up

    I'm on Windows 10 running the latest versions of VLC and OBS, and I can't seem to find the option "VLC Video Source" when go to add another media source. Can someone diagnose this problem for me? https://obsproject.com/logs/bRMuq4JcvKbTe4kg
  11. F

    Question / Help VLC source vs Browser (VLC use to much CPU in my opinion)

    Hey there, I ran into a problem lately where i had to clean up some scenes to save more cpu. First of all the Comparison i do is without streaming. Just an open OBS with a scene. Specs: - Intel i7 6700k in Boost mode from Motherboard - MSI ATI geforce 1080 - 32GB Ram DDR4 OBS 64Bit: -...
  12. C

    Question / Help VLC Video Source missing

    When I go to add a video source the "VLC Video Source" option is missing. I have tried a couple of different versions of OBS and different versions of VLC with no luck. What am I missing to be able to pick the VLC source. I am trying to capture and stream a RTSP stream. Thanks
  13. T

    Question / Help Possible MacOS Memory Leak when using VLC as Source

    Hello all -- long time lurker and first-time poster! I use OBS to stream music videos from bands to A&R people at record labels, so the VLC integration has always worked flawlessly for me -- until recently. I'm not sure what has changed, but now my OBS seems to sprout a memory leak every time...
  14. JTube

    Question / Help [SOLVED] VLC Video Source getting extremely loud when recording

    I have been using OBS for a long time (22,0,2 64-bit) And I was going to add music to it (The song was an mp4 ) and when I did that I recorded to check how it sounded but it got Louder until it was extremely loud until it was a distorted sound. I need help on how to fix this. Ok, so I decided...
  15. R

    Question / Help Video/Audio Async in "VLC source" from an UDP camera stream

    Hey there. I have OBS studio 22.0.3 running on a MacBookPro 2018 15'' (High Sierra 10.13.6). I send a network UDP stream feed from a Sony z90 camcorder on port 1234 to my computer via WI-FI to the laptop. On VLC (Version 3.0.4), the stream received on the laptop is clean, despite the 2 seconds...
  16. R

    Question / Help Video/Audio Async in "VLC source" from an UDP camera stream

    Hey you ! I have OBS studio 22.0.3 running on a MacBookPro 2018 15'' (High Sierra 10.13.6). I send a network UDP stream from a Sony z90 camcorder on port 1234 to my computer via WI-FI to the laptop. On VLC (Version 3.0.4), the stream is clean, despite the 2 seconds latency, most probably due...
  17. I3ordo

    Question / Help VLC video source does not refresh contents (this is about improving the Instant Replay function)

    Hello, Currently, if you decide to use the "instant replay" you have to sacrifice the "recording" feature as you have to remove the "recording date" suffix off the file name to have "fixed file name" for the "replay scene" to play. One solution i figured was instead of using a hardcoded...