Question / Help Possible MacOS Memory Leak when using VLC as Source


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Hello all -- long time lurker and first-time poster!

I use OBS to stream music videos from bands to A&R people at record labels, so the VLC integration has always worked flawlessly for me -- until recently.

I'm not sure what has changed, but now my OBS seems to sprout a memory leak every time I activate a scene with VLC set as a source. If I'm using a scene that's just showing our webcams, it works great (as it always has), but as soon as I switch to a scene involving VLC (for viewing the music videos) I'm hit with what seems like a memory leak that continues until I close out of OBS. After enough time has passed, I'm hit with the attached error message: "Your system has run out of application memory."

When I use the MacOS Activity Monitor I was able to confirm that the leak only begins once I've activated a scene with VLC player. All other scenes are working normally and my memory normally hovers around 220mb. Once engaging a VLC scene, it shoots to around 35gb at a rate of about 1gb per 5 seconds before my OS notifies me with that error message.

I'm not using any filters or plugins, and this happens whether or not I'm streaming or recording. If I open OBS after a fresh restart, click to a scene with VLC player on it, my memory skyrockets until I close OBS. If I switch to another scene without VLC player, it still continues to skyrocket until it crashes.

I've tried asking friends and searching the forums but haven't seen anything like this. Any advice on what I could try would be GREATLY appreciated as nothing works quite as well for me as OBS does!


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Sorry about that -- here's the log file.

All I did was open OBS (which was already on a scene with VLC, so a video began auto-playing, and stood there and watched as the memory went up and up. No streaming or recording -- just playing a single video file that's about 200mb in size.

Despite the log reporting no memory leaks, you can see from the attached screenshots that the memory usage climbs very, very rapidly. Each screenshot was taken about 20 seconds apart but the memory would climb GBs at a time!

Everything else seems to work just fine, so if I can prevent the memory from climbing out of control then OBS will once again be usable since it won't cause my iMac to BSOD!

Thanks again -- any help is very appreciated! :)


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Need a log from a session where the problem occurs-- there are no streams and no memory leaks in the log.

What version of VLC do you have installed?


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Yes, I've had exactly the same thing happen today as well. I just wrote about it here: