Question / Help VLC source randomly pausing for a few seconds.

Irvin Cee

New Member
I have an issue I can't seem to resolve.
I have a 24x7 stream of video I stream and with moments, sometimes a lot sometimes not, I have pauses of a few seconds (between 2 and 10) in my stream.
When investigating the pauses come from OBS or the VLC video source.
I can see in OBS that the current playing video pauses in OBS. So it's not a internet or stream issue. It's really with OBS or the VLC videosource or some underlying issue.
The issue mostly only occurs after a while. If I stop and close OBS and open it again (without restarting the computer) and stream the issue is gone for a while.
All my source videos are 1080p MP4 (H.264) @ 12 to 18Mbps and most are between 1h15 and 2 hours long, some 4 hours.
The pauses don't seam to be related to the length of the video.
CPU running is running a stable +/-15%, 33% RAM usage (5.2 from 16GB)
Separate disks for OS (SSD) and data (HDD Standby turned of) both disk usage are around 0 to 1%.
GPU is a Quadro K620 stable at +/- 31%
I/O is stable around 1.8MB
Power saving etc is all off.
I recently switched to 1080p streaming but I also had the issue when streaming in 720p (both using NVENC new)
I have no other issues but this sporadic pausing the video playback in OBS.

I'm considering looking for workaround using some more advanced video player that has NDI to connect with OBS, but I prefer using the OBS VLC source because it used the videos automatically in one folder. A separate player with NDI will prbbaly put more stress on the system.


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Hey Irvin, were you able to resolve your issue? I'm experiencing similar symptoms when streaming live cam to a VLC receiving device.