Question / Help VLC source vs Browser (VLC use to much CPU in my opinion)


Hey there,

I ran into a problem lately where i had to clean up some scenes to save more cpu.

First of all the Comparison i do is without streaming.
Just an open OBS with a scene.

- Intel i7 6700k in Boost mode from Motherboard
- MSI ATI geforce 1080
- 32GB Ram DDR4

OBS 64Bit:
- Downscale 720p
- Streaming Enc with Nvenc (so i do not use cpu to stream)
- no downscale filter on video / browser sources filter

I figured out most of the CPU usage came from VLC video src (somehow VLC src doesn't used that much before?)
So i tried out to play the Videos with browser-plugin as local src and the CPU usage was drastically reduced

To Compare I made a new empty scenecollection and added only 1 video and 1 webscene:

Video File: MP4 1920x1080 | 5700 kBit/s | 122MB
Only VLC: OBS CPU usage 4,8% - 6,2% ( 5,3% average )
Only Browser: OBS CPU usage 1,8% - 3,7% ( 2,5% average )

That dosnt sound mutch... But with a Source with much Video Files, Browser Plugins for Ranks, etc, a Facecam with also a Video File in Background ( behind greenscreen ) it took a lot of CPU.

So following scene used around 40-50% of CPU before i changed to browser plugins


And now after i changed all VLC video sources to fully browser Source


I inserted the Video Files in a HTML5 Container in a html file and inserted the wished video with javascript to achieve different videos with only one html file:

So i am interested, if it is possible to lower CPU usage of vlc source because i am lazy and i liked the vlc use. I Also guess not everyone is able to write own html / jquery script to achieve a video playback in browser like this.

Maybe it is some kind of bug since the newest version? i always thought VLC player is more resource friendly then a browser.
If necessary to upload a log - pls tell me and i have to create the scene again with vlc videos :)

p.s: Here is an example how quick your CPU will burned by only 5 Video Sources:

VLC: 68,3% CPU on 5 Videos

Browser: 12,5% CPU on 5 Videos
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Okay i put in a Log file with the 5 VLC videos in it ^^ cant see any suspicious.
Another friend also reported OBS using more CPU then before without changes.


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No one has an idea?
Could it be a bad driver or installed codec for video files on my system?
Should i reinstall VLC? Does everyone has a high cpu usage on many videos in OBS?

I do not want to mess up my system by reinstalling video drivers / codecs etc

Could pls someone give me a short look how it is on other simular systems with a few vid files in obs running?

Thank you