Question / Help Video/Audio Async in "VLC source" from an UDP camera stream


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Hey there.

I have OBS studio 22.0.3 running on a MacBookPro 2018 15'' (High Sierra 10.13.6).
I send a network UDP stream feed from a Sony z90 camcorder on port 1234 to my computer via WI-FI to the laptop.

On VLC (Version 3.0.4), the stream received on the laptop is clean, despite the 2 seconds latency, most probably due to the MPEG-TS protocol, but at least, the audio and the video are synced and smooth.

THEN, I have setup in OBS a "VLC source" with the URL udp://@:1234 and the image is there in the preview with the audio. BUT: the Audio is 2 seconds faster than the Video, or let's say, the Video is 2 second slower than the Audio...
I tried to set up the latency in "Advanced Audio Settings" with 2000 ms, but nothing happens. The Audio and the Video are still not synced.

Does anyone have any idea/advice about this issue within the community? I've tried also the audio/video async filter without any success.


(sorry for posting that again but my previous post has disappeared without any reason)


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Hello. I'm also interested in this thread. I'm trying to add the UDP URL on "LVC Video Source" but it does not work. I also tried to add as "Video source" and no success. The UDP stream works fine on VLC but I could not receive the signal inside of OBS. Could someone help? I am on a Mac.