Question / Help VLC video source does not refresh contents (this is about improving the Instant Replay function)



Currently, if you decide to use the "instant replay" you have to sacrifice the "recording" feature as you have to remove the "recording date" suffix off the file name to have "fixed file name" for the "replay scene" to play.

One solution i figured was instead of using a hardcoded "filename" for the replay file , use a "VLC video source" feature and add the "replay video file" as a "directory" as i magined the VLC player would search the folder alphabetically each time to find the alphabetical first file in that folder.

eg: if you game recording file name as "gameplay %date%" and replay prefix as "_replay" then it would create 2 two files, "_replay gameplay 12-09-2018" and "gameplay 12-09-2018", the latter being the long full recording.

UNFORTUNATELY, "VLC video source" does not search for new files when the "VLC Video source becomes active, it only searches the directory when changing the configuration.

If the able-hands/minds can modify the "VLC video source" plugin so that it searches for new alphabetical before the source activates, it will solve two problems at once.

In its current state , adding directories to "VLC video source" does not mean much , dont you think?
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Running into this same issue. A script updates a folder with new videos, OBS never picks them up unless i go into the VLC source and click OK, which 'resets' the source, killing the currently playing video, and updating the file list. There should really be an auto-refresh interval, while keeping the current video playing.