1. A

    Question / Help png alpha channel not working

    Hey, I made an overlay for a stream I mod for on twitch. My issue is that the alpha channel works fine on my obs: however on his obs the transparent sections are completely white. We are both running the same obs version. Are there any settings in obs that could be causing the alpha channel in...
  2. L

    Question / Help OBS echoes or doesn't give sound at all when streaming?

    Hi, i downloaded OBS for streaming on twitch, and for some reason if I have both desktop and mic/aux on, my stream echoes horribly. In order to get rid of the echo, i have to turn off the desktop audio, but then my stream can only hear me and not my game. If I leave desktop audio on by itself...
  3. adrianlefreak

    Question / Help I need to know if OBS supports these cameras.

    Hi! I'm new to the software and want to set up a small home studio to stream boardgames instructions. I'm thinking about buying these cameras: 1 YinFun 4K as main camera 2 Victure 4K...
  4. J

    Question / Help Recommended Settings for MY System, issues recording

    hello, I am new to obs and looking to switch over from shadowplay. I've used shadowplay for a long time to record game-play, and it's always come out perfect, but with obs' multiple audio tracks and mic settings, i decided i would switch. However, I have found that the game-play footage comes...
  5. K

    Bug Report Display Capture causes a 'forced vsync' within a full screen game

    This wasn't an issue until Windows 10 (1809) installed two days ago, but now OBS Studio is causing my full screen game to have a forced vsync anytime I have a display capture active. Note: I'm actually using game capture for the game, but I'm display capturing some Rainmeter elements on a...
  6. K

    Bug Report OBS is suddenly forcing Vsync onto Overwatch since the latest Windows 10 update. How to stop this?

    EDIT: I can't delete this thread, but I created a new, more accurate and simplified version of this post here so it's easier to understand the actual problem is. I did some troubleshooting and narrowed down the true issue. Feel free to delete this post now if necessary. When I have Overwatch...
  7. N

    Question / Help Lagging in game while streaming fortnite?

    When I'm playing fortnite regularly I'm getting about 16 ms and when I start streaming it shoots up to 150 ms to 600 ms. Please help me fix this.
  8. J

    Question / Help Elgato 4k60 Pro Recording issue with OBS Dual PC Setup

    Let me start with my builds: Gaming Rig: i7 6700k GTX 1080 TI 16gb DDR4 3000mhz 1440p 144hz Gysnc Asus Monitor Home Server/Streaming Rig: Ryzen 1700 (stock) GTX 980 16gb RAM Elgato 4k60 Pro BENQ 1080p 144hz Monitor Via the above specs, I am gaming off of 1 PC, hdmi out to the elgato card in...
  9. J

    Question / Help Video file wont play

    it just suddenly have corrupted files. been using for almst a yr now same settings and just suddenly one day it broke. i might blame it on my daughter and shes 8 so yeah. i use vlc. records on mkv or flv. did a clean install of obs. current log file thanks.
  10. D

    Question / Help obs crash when trying to stream!

    Everytime I try to stream, OBS crashes and I've uninstalled and reinstalled, updated my GPU drivers, and updated my CPU driver, still nothing. Here is the crash report:
  11. Q


    Hi, I have a EASY and GOOD feedback for OBS Studio, Latest version 01-23 - 2018, This is something I've been wanting to have in OBS for a while now. Video of what I mean: Described: So the feedback, and option we, streamdeck users and a lot of other...
  12. M

    Question / Help is it possible to put a media source on a cooldown?

    I wanna put a media source, so It would turn on, play, turn off, and after a set cooldown play again, if that's possible? like ad's run
  13. A

    Question / Help Lag in live streaming using OBS and AWS Elemental MediaLive

    Hi, I am playing around with OBS and AWS MediaLive. However, I couldn't get the lag in live streaming below 20 secs. Please let me know if there are any standard practices to minimize the lag. Thanks in advance
  14. S

    Question / Help Encoding Overload but low CPU usage

    Streaming since I got this PC has been smooth and i've been gradually increasing settings over the past months, i've had the settings listed below on for like a whole month now and suddenly last night the stream started lagging and dropping FPS, not actual frames dropped but the FPS counter...
  15. S

    Question / Help NVENC & AMD encoder drivers not working

    need help with what to do to start streaming, giving this error code. here are the logs :
  16. C

    Question / Help Are my specs good enough to record gameplay?

    So I got this PC for my youtube channel, and I can play the games perfectly. most games in ultra, but when I record it is so choppy and I set the games to super low. Maybe my frame rate is too high on the OBS settings? Someone please help. 13:52:27.731: CPU Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700...