Question / Help Problem with audio ouput


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Hi, I would like to set up OBS studio for streaming in such a way as to have game output and in-game chat in my headphones, then in-game microphone and streaming input and I would like to set my external speakers in such a way as to be able to play the music in the background. Now I wanted to ask you is it possible to do it only by modifying OBS Studio settings or do I have to buy a sound card?


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If what you mean is that you want to play background music through your speakers so that your microphone picks it up "in the background"... don't do that.

OBS only outputs sound to these places: 1) streaming output to a site, 2) recording output to a file, 3) monitoring device

The monitoring device is set in Settings> Audio. It should NOT be the same as your default device if you are capturing local audio from your PC (either from a game or from playing music).

If your PC is both the source of your game audio AND your background music, then no-- OBS alone cannot do this because Windows does not isolate audio this way. (I mean if your BGM is coming from a player program. You can control it independently in OBS if it is a media file source added directly to a scene).

Your game almost certainly just outputs to the default Windows audio device, and many other programs do as well. If your music player can specify a different device, then that's fine, but OBS has no control over that.

What you can do in OBS is capture each source that is NOT your default audio source separately; but if Windows puts all the audio on a single device, OBS cannot pull it apart.

For this kind of control you need software that provides additional virtual audio devices. Look at Voicemeeter: