Question / Help FPS Drops/Stuttering in final recording in certain games


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So I've been noticing in certain games that even though I'm running it just fine, the recording itself looks like doodoo (i.e framerate drops, stutters, etc). I have a profile for recording with x264 and NVENC, but neither seem to make much of a difference (at least in Watch Dogs 2). Am I doing something wrong?

Also my friend said it'd be a good idea to provide my logs, so I've attached one of them

Also my specs consist of:
GTX 2080
i9 9900k
32 GBs of Ram @ 2133mhz (haven't overclocked it yet -_-)
And I'm saving my footage to SSDs


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Small amounts of encoding and rendering lag.

23:29:48.759: Output 'adv_file_output': Number of lagged frames due to rendering lag/stalls: 160 (0.6%)
23:29:48.759: ==== Recording Stop ================================================
23:29:48.760: Video stopped, number of skipped frames due to encoding lag: 163/25446 (0.6%)

23:22:44.519: [jim-nvenc: 'recording_h264'] settings:
23:22:44.519: rate_control: CBR
23:22:44.519: bitrate: 25000
23:22:44.519: cqp: 20

CBR rate control is primarily for streaming. Would suggest CQP rate control if you must use advanced mode. It may be worthwhile to test simple output mode, indistinguishable quality, large file size.