recording choppy

  1. D

    Lagging/Freezes in recording file

    I want to record overwatch, i manage to record with a nice quality without any lag in game. However, when i go to view the video, the video shows a few spots with intense lag. Idk how to fix it please help. last log file: current log file...
  2. C

    Recordings losing frames

    Hey all, I've been recording some of my Valorant matches for editing purposes, and the first two days (24th and 25th) of doing this went well with no problems with OBS taking CPU or the recordings bugging out. However the next day, when I checked out my recordings for the 26th, they were all...
  3. S

    Question / Help Encoding Overload

    Every time I try to record the game I am playing I keep getting encoding overload issues. I'm very new to using OBS and have tried looking everywhere for info on how to fix it but nothing seems to fix it. When I recorded using shadowplay in the past I never had any issues. That leads me to...
  4. L

    Question / Help OBS recordings are ridiculously choppy

    Hello, I have been having an issue with both OBS and SLOBS where my first recording after downloading the software will be fine, but any recording after that is experiencing anywhere from 16%-100% frame drop.... My computer has been more than capable of recording 1080p 60fps before. I have less...
  5. J

    Question / Help Need help finding best recording software.

    Hello. I've recently made big upgrades to my PC with a new Graphics Card, CPU, and a new motherboard as well. Before the upgrade, my recordings captured with pretty standard quality, and very minimal errors. Butnow that I've made these upgrades,my records are almost always choppy, delayed, fps...
  6. I

    Question / Help Recording lagging/shaking, how can I fix it?

    I don't know why this happens, please help.
  7. E

    Question / Help OBS Studio keeps bugging out

    Recently, my OBS Studio has been bugging out and its getting to the point that I just don't want to associate with this program anymore. I didn't have issues with recording other than the video quality being really bad. I ended up fiddling with the settings and got everything situated, but now...
  8. V

    Question / Help Poor recording quality with Nvenc

    Hello, I'm having issues with recording using Nvenc encoder. While I used H.264 My poor performance while gaming is reflected in my recording. I was told Nvenc would help with performance and quality freeing resources from the CPU. My game will run normally but the recording will be a choppy...
  9. Polda18

    Question / Help How to run OBS on BOTH GPUs (Integrated + nVIDIA)

    Hi. I want to record some videos on my computer screen, and since I am using mostly laptop, I am concerned about the performance as well as to make it work. I want to record multiple genres of video tutorials. First being gaming. I am playing some games, one of them being Minecraft. I want to...
  10. Sov

    Question / Help Game FPS is fine but output video is choppy.

    Hello! i have looked through the forums hoping that this question had already been answered, however to no avail. i also have read the forum thread on high CPU usage but nothing has solved my problem. As a side note: I used to be able to record with OBS at 1080p/60 FPS without this choppyness...
  11. S

    Question / Help Stuttering Recorded Video

    Hi, I am having some stuttering issues on recording game play. I'm not having any lag or fps drop in game. In order to reduce shuttering, I have to turn on VSync. In Nvidia's Shadowplay I'm not having any issues. I've tried changing every settings possible..But no luck. Please Help... Log file
  12. S

    Question / Help Obs recording is choppy

    Hi guys, i really hope you can help me out since ive been dealing with this since i a while and i cant figure out why. I've included the log file from the last time this happened which you can see on this unlisted video on my youtube.
  13. E

    Question / Help Camera randomly stops working

    I'm trying to record a video on OBS (camera only), and the camera (Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920) sometimes randomly stops working for some reason (the audio is fine (I only use the webcam's microphone as a back-up, otherwise I use a professional one)). On OBS' preview, when I'm not recording, it...
  14. U

    Question / Help Sudden AMD encoding overloaded message?

    Hey everyone, I realize that this may be an issue that is reported frequently, but I have tried nearly every solution that I have found online and none seems to work. This is especially frustrating since this has never happened in the past, only after I have updated my OBS Studio version to...
  15. B

    Question / Help Recordings are choppy and laggy - how to fix this?

    I'm trying to record Sims 4 on OBS but the recording are choppy and laggy when my game isn't. Is it my computer? How do I fix this?
  16. A

    Question / Help OBS Is laggy with recording

    I have a i7 8700k and a gtx 1080 ti and 16 gigs of ram, I have no clue why obs is recording so badly. Please help!
  17. S

    Question / Help Lots of frame loss while recording and streaming

    Good evening all. I'm very new to this so bare with me. I'm looking to stream and record at the same time, but when i do, there is a lot of frame loss during the stream, and waaaay more on the recording. There are multiple sections in the log file where it shows loss of 62%, 16.5%, 16.4%, and...
  18. J

    Question / Help Recommended Settings for MY System, issues recording

    hello, I am new to obs and looking to switch over from shadowplay. I've used shadowplay for a long time to record game-play, and it's always come out perfect, but with obs' multiple audio tracks and mic settings, i decided i would switch. However, I have found that the game-play footage comes...
  19. B

    Question / Help Please Help/ Recording Issues

    Log File: I really don't know what could be going wrong. I am just trying to record some Rainbow Six Siege with some friends but whenever I record, the videos come out unbearably choppy and laggy. Audio is fine but the quality of the video is...
  20. Crayozo

    Question / Help Choppy/Laggy Recordings

    I have spent the past 5 hours looking up youtube videos on "Best OBS recording settings" and here is my problem. I play most of my games with 200+ fps when I record and when I don't record. It is not my game that is lagging, but the recording itself is extremely laggy and choppy. I have become...