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Hey everyone,

I realize that this may be an issue that is reported frequently, but I have tried nearly every solution that I have found online and none seems to work. This is especially frustrating since this has never happened in the past, only after I have updated my OBS Studio version to V23.0.2. I have a 64-bit system and I am running OBS Studio as administrator. I have also tried cleaning my computer (clearing temp files, lowering AMD global settings, updating drivers for Windows and even overclocking). I have also re-installed both OBS Studio and the AMD encoder plugin, which did not seem to fix the issue.

Another point that I want to mention is that since I have been getting this message, my video frames have been decreasing significantly and started getting really 'choppy', in nearly every game I record (CS:GO, Apex Legends, PUBG). I have tried lowering recording bitrate to 5000 (when previously I was able to record at a bitrate of 25000+) and I still get the encoding overloaded message, and frames drop from 60 fps to 40 fps (noticeably choppy). I have switched between the X264 encoder and the AMD encoder. Issue persists. I can understand Apex Legends and even PUBG (due to poor optimization), but I have recorded CS:GO many times in the past using previous versions of OBS with no problems at all. I also get about 150-300 frames in CS:GO typically, and my CPU use remains at approx. 40-60%.

Now because I have an AMD GPU, I usually use the H264/AVC Encoder (AMD Advanced Media Framework plugin).

Here are my specs:
CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Quad Core Processor
GPU - AMD Radeon R9 380
RAM - 16.0 GB
Motherboard - B350 Tomahawk (AM4)
Operating System - Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

Here is my log file:

I believe that the recording output settings are included in the log file above, but if more information is required, I will gladly provide it.
I also want to apologize in advance if the answer is obvious enough or if I did not properly format my question. My intention was not to waste anyone's time, all help is greatly appreciated.


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bump :(
I have noticed some threads being posted which also describe encoding overload issues with the AMD encoder. Perhaps it could have been a newer version of the AMD encoder that I have installed? Keep in mind that I have never had encoding issues with the AMD encoder in the past.

The X264 encoder seems to be working fine with other games now, my CPU just seems to have issues with recording Apex Legends at the same time.
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