amd encoder

  1. R

    AMD Encoder doesn't show as an option

    I have a Radeon RX 6500 XT, and the AMD encoder doesn't show up as an option, I tried using an older version, updated and reinstalled obs from scratch, but nothing seems to work. I looked on the internet for solutions, some suggested installing an AMD encoder plugin which I did still nothing, I...
  2. G

    AMF Encoder low bitrate problem - AMD RX6700XT

    Hello everyone, i sadly have the following problem, no matter what i try the bitrate of the output file is only a fraction of what it should be and so the video quality is abysmal. Here are more details: After reading the log with debug mode on, i have found several errors regarding the...
  3. K

    Question: Is it possible to record using OBS via AMD GPU?

    Hi, as you read from the title, I would like to record using OBS via AMD GPU. My GPU: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series I searched almost the entire internet and I can't find any answer, so I'd rather ask here if it's even possible to record via the AMD GPU using OBS.
  4. Sgt_Logix

    AVC encoder bitrate only 0kbps or 1kbps

    Hi there guys, I tried to change the bitrate, but I just can't seem to make it switch. The only two options that it lets me do, is either 1 or 0. I can't really figure out why does this problem occurs, but I hope that I'm not the only one having this problem! Does someone face this issue too? I...
  5. Z

    AMD H264 Encoder overloading while mid stream! Please help!

    Stream crashes while using Amd's encoder on obs 30-60 minutes into the stream whereas while using x264 I haven't faced any problems with the encoder overloading. But while using H264 even if i follow the prescribed procedures to reduce output res and frame values it still crashes while streaming...
  6. syori

    [FFMPEG VAAPI encoder: 'streaming_h264'] Failed to open VAAPI codec: Function not implemented

    02:37:52 AM.241: CPU Name: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight-Core Processor 02:37:52 AM.241: CPU Speed: 2764.164MHz 02:37:52 AM.241: Physical Cores: 8, Logical Cores: 16 02:37:52 AM.241: Physical Memory: 24043MB Total, 14249MB Free 02:37:52 AM.241: Kernel Version: Linux 5.9.1-arch1-1 02:37:52 AM.242...
  7. S

    Question / Help rx 590 amd encoder error

    My obs has a bug. All my videos and streams with the h264 / AVC encoder have several bugs on the screen. pls someone help me. i have a rx 590. last driver version.
  8. S

    Question / Help Failed to streaming

    Whenever I click start streaming/recording, I get an error that says: Starting the output failed. Please check the log for details. Note: If you are using NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure your video drives are up to date. i use AMD E1-7010 APU with AMD Radeon R2 Graphics i'm a newbie please...
  9. R

    Bug Report Cant stream with amd gpu

    Hi, I cant stream with my AMD graphics card. The encoders arent working, they tell me to update my driver, but i already did. Its the rx 5700 xt. I also cant record, if I use the normal x264 encoder, my game is lagging so much, i cant play normally. What can i do? Please fix
  10. M

    Question / Help Help obs Settings !

    Hello who can help me with OBS settings? I'm glad someone is helping me I'm busy and for 3 days I can't set OBS I want to do Live / Rec in 1080p 60fps or 720p 60fps Sorry for my English my pc: Ryzen 5 2400G 3.6 MSI Radeon RX 580 ARMOR 8G OC ASUS PRIME B350-PLUS DDR4 2666 Mhz 16 GB My Speed
  11. S

    Question / Help Setuping up output setting with Amd cpu and Amd Radeon RX 5700?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has setup the stream output or would know what the settings would be for a Radeon Rx 5700?
  12. T

    Question / Help Problème entre OBS Studio et encodeur AMD

    J'ai un ordinateur Lenovo avec l'encodeur AMD J'utilise OBS Studio, je veux faire une vidéo En fait, je peux pas, il y a très gros problème Il me dit que les pilotes de l'encodeur AMD soient à jour
  13. T

    Question / Help AMD Hardware Encoding Failure

    I am unable to stream using H264/AVC Encoder (AMD Advanced Media Framework) I can select it and change encoding options but upon starting my stream it fails and tells me to check if my drivers are up to date. I'm running an AMD Radeon 5700XT with latest drivers. I'm also running OBS 24.0.1. Here...
  14. D

    Question / Help My AMD Encoder keeps freezing stuttering while recording in-game. Please help!

    As far as I know the log file attached should have all the info you guys need. If you need anything else please let me know, My graphics card is a AMD Radeon Pro 560, Software Version 19.8.1, Adrenalin 2019. I actually upgraded the software only after my issue started but it did nothing to fix...
  15. D

    Question / Help OBS crashing when i put recording encoder to my AMD GPU!

    Hello everyone.I have been trying to fix this problem since i got a new pc.So i installed OBS studio and i recorded a few gameplays and when i was watching the recorded footage i realised my video was buffering in some moments and that video was recorded with my CPU and i thought my GPU is a lot...
  16. R

    Question / Help OBS trava ao usar o AMD como encoder

    Bom já fiz toda a atualização dos drivers pelo driver easy pro e baixei manualmente o driver mais atualizado da placa de video e instalei o encoder do amd, porém mesmo assim ele crasha ao clicar em transmitir ( eu deixo 10 seg de delay, nos 7 segundos ele crasha) não sei mais oq fazer para...
  17. S

    Question / Help Quicksync and GPU encoding super laggy

    1. I have an AMD rx 580 graphics card, and it records very laggy videos even at 480 p. I can use relive perfectly fine, but I need the OBS audio settings and stream overlays and such. Why is relive so much smoother than OBS and not cause as much of a performance drop? Are there solutions to make...
  18. A

    Question / Help Crashing When using H264/AVC (AMD Advanced Media Framework) Encoder

    hi there.. I am having a problem when using this codec or encoder...I don't want to use x264 since it makes the video choppy... So everytime i use this encoder and I press record it says the "woops, obs crashed" error and just crashes... is there any fix? Crash log: 15:30:07.213: CPU Name: AMD...
  19. T

    Question / Help Will there be AMD encoding support?

    Hey guys, I know that this question was frequently asked but in a few weeks there will be the release of AMD's new GPU generation (good time to start this discussion again). Without doubt, AMD has increased in importance in the last few years and i can't understand why OBS is as NVIDIA...
  20. U

    Question / Help Sudden AMD encoding overloaded message?

    Hey everyone, I realize that this may be an issue that is reported frequently, but I have tried nearly every solution that I have found online and none seems to work. This is especially frustrating since this has never happened in the past, only after I have updated my OBS Studio version to...