Question / Help Will there be AMD encoding support?

The Dog

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Hey guys,

I know that this question was frequently asked but in a few weeks there will be the release of AMD's new GPU generation (good time to start this discussion again). Without doubt, AMD has increased in importance in the last few years and i can't understand why OBS is as NVIDIA exlusive as it is right now (refering to GPU encoding). Well there are plugins trying to enable AMD encoding but I asked myself: "Why is there no official AMD Encoder?" For lot's of streamers the price plays a major role and so lot's of them use AMD hardware both GPU and CPU. So the implementation of AMD encoding would enlarge the potential users of OBS. I don't know if there is the plan to implement an AMD encoder but maybe someone can tell me when or why not there will be a new encoder. Thanks for your answers and sorry for bad english :-).

The Dog