Recordings losing frames


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Hey all,

I've been recording some of my Valorant matches for editing purposes, and the first two days (24th and 25th) of doing this went well with no problems with OBS taking CPU or the recordings bugging out. However the next day, when I checked out my recordings for the 26th, they were all extremely choppy and slow fps (if that's the right term to use, will attach examples). After this I made a new capture for the game on the 28th hoping it would help, and it did for the first 2 or so. Then every so often (30 seconds or so in the recording) it would randomly drop frames. And throughout this entire process my computer did not have any issues (despite it being a low-mid work computer). These lag spikes in the recordings would happen at times when I didn't lag in game. I ask for your help and hopefully not insults about my lack of computer experience. :)

Example 1

Example 2

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