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  1. J

    Audio Stopps while Recording or Streaming

    Hello, I have the following Problem: Everytime, I start a Game or activate a Camera, my Mic crashes (No Recording, No Peak, Nothing). I use a Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd Gen, that works absolutly fine in Reaper and other DAW. In the DAW, I use the Interface with the Original ASIO Drive from...
  2. A

    Setting for stream/record for my rig?

    Here's my rig CPU : Intel i3 9100F Motherboard : MSI H310M Pro-M2 Plus Ram : 8 GB VGA : GT 1030 I've tried various setting over the internet but my recordings are always laggy. is there any setting that i can use to optimize my recording?
  3. R

    Question / Help Help me with OBS settings for me to record without OBS frame drop

    Hi, I have been struggling on what recording settings to use when I want to record my games as I play. My game can run between 100-267 frames but with OBS has I change different settings to not have any drop frames, my OBS lags, and drops frames and I would really like help on what settings to...
  4. B

    Question / Help OBS crashing during streaming and recording

    I include the log and crash report from today's stream test, but is the same issue like other times.
  5. M

    Question / Help Failed to start recording

    Hi All, I seem to be experiencing an issue with OBS not streaming with my hardware. This wasn't an issue around a month ago when I last streamed, but I can only assume it has been brought on by a graphics card update. I am using Windows 10, i7 6700k and 2x NVidia GTX 1070's (not in SLI). One...
  6. M

    Question / Help Recordings are freezing at some points

    Hi, I use Streamlabs OBS for recording League Of Legends. While Recording the game runs fluently, no lags, always over 200-300fps without any hard drops. Wacthing the recorded file at big teamfights where alot of effects are facing each other at the same time, the record is like freezing for 1...
  7. DrewDoesThings

    Bug Report Audio Desync in recorded file when using "Automatically record when streaming".

    I was just now retooling my OBS Studio settings to incorporate some settings recommendations by EposVox ( After messing around with settings, I would stream to my test Twitch account and record a file at the same time using the "Automatically record when streaming"...