Question / Help Help me with OBS settings for me to record without OBS frame drop


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Hi, I have been struggling on what recording settings to use when I want to record my games as I play. My game can run between 100-267 frames but with OBS has I change different settings to not have any drop frames, my OBS lags, and drops frames and I would really like help on what settings to use as I record. Thanks.

My hardware as follows:
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9700K CPU @3.60 GHz
RAM: 16.0 GB
GPU: Gigabyte Geforce RTX 2070 Gaming OC 8G Graphics Card


0-2 b-frames, for stream/record. 6000 bitrate for streaming. CRF 18-23 or qcp 20 or whatnot for recording - I like crf 25-28. or just pick a higher bitrate ie 30000 will give you some headroom. I prefer max performance on nvenc when using that. Turn off all nonsense options.
That color partial/full also matters, as it literally will increase/decrease how much work to do for all things for encoding/recording.

720p for streaming, always. Whatever res you want for recording.


YW. I like 2 b-frames, but some say they need 0 or 1 to avoid lag, but i never saw the need for less then 2 even at +500 fps or 240 fps gaming.
This will give you some sharpness in picture when its slow moving, not fast action, quicker. Not technically, but as a result rather.
720p is important for streaming with the 6000 bitrate at least on services as twitch, as to have room/encoding overhead to make it work.
1080p is possible, but it will inevitably lead to just a hitch there or here, and overrall picture will not be as sharp as 720p, so higher res then 720p becomes pointless. There is an exception tho this, which is massively customizing encoding solution - $$$$ + time/knowledge.
Perhaps nvidia 3000 series card will be even more efficient. But that will mean it will do 720p even better if so. And perhaps can lower the bitrate, so even more people can watch the stream. Which is the whole point.

Best of luck.