Only some of my old recordings have issues?


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Hello, I'm sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but I can't find anything specific to my issue and hoping someone can help.

I also apologise that I can't post a log of this issue, as these recordings are old and the laptop I made them on died - I'm now running OBS on a new laptop.

My issue is that I have a select number of recorded streams that seem to have SOME kind of corruption? I have been recording into mkv format with what seemed to be the recommended settings - though I am new to this so might have made some mistakes. The issue is that, as the streams are in mkv, I want to convert some of the more fun ones to mp4 in a smaller file size for some of my viewers. I use Pinnacle Studio 23 to do this. 90% of the streams this works a treat, I have a nice mp4 at the end and everything is synced up. But some files show up green without a preview in Pinnacle and when I try to convert to mp4 anyway, I either get an unplayable file with a greyed out play button, or a video with SERIOUS audio sync issues. But playing them through Windows Media player as an mkv file, you wouldn't know there was any difference with the files.

One of the streams was 13 hours so I thought it might be the size? But there are other small ones I've found that have the same issue, while the next days stream file will be totally fine? I've searched Pinnacle forums too and can't find my specific issue anywhere. I'm just hoping someone can maybe tell me what caused this so it doesn't happen again and maaaybe if I can get the 13h of recording back aha

I'm a total newbie to this so I'm sorry if I haven't provided helpful information!
Try re-muxing them with Avidemux prior to importing into Pinnacle or re-encode them to mp4 with either Avidemux or Handbrake. With Avidemux you can trim the videos prior to remuxing or re-encoding so you may not even need to use Pinnacle.


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Unfortunately this was the same result, just a blank file with no sound and no image. They play as mkv though.
I'm not so sure you were using Avidemux/Handbrake correctly.

If you could upload (1) of the smaller files you're having trouble with to We Transfer or a similar service, I'll take a look.


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I opened the file I wanted to remux, both audio and video are set to copy and the output format is mp4 muxer. I then saved and got an mp4 file just like the ones I got from Pinnacle. The videos are NSFW so unfortunately that makes it kinda hard haha. If those aren't the correct settings for Avidemux then I'll look through the how to's on their site and see if I have any better luck.

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To be honest, the OBS Studio has own remux tool (main menu File>Remux Recordings) and people usually use it before importing OBS .mkv recordings into their lovely video editors. This tool was designed to convert .mkv into .mp4 before importing them into editors from Adobe (and similar). The green frames in editor only usually means that seeking is not working correctly - nothing you can do to fix this (this is bug of the editor). Sync issues is harder to solve.

As alternative you may try custom muxer settings and .mp4 output (details in the post below):
new recordings made this way (at least few minutes) should be tested in your video editor before using them for production.