Question / Help Recordings are freezing at some points


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I use Streamlabs OBS for recording League Of Legends.
While Recording the game runs fluently, no lags, always over 200-300fps without any hard drops.

Wacthing the recorded file at big teamfights where alot of effects are facing each other at the same time, the record is like freezing for 1 second (still can hear the sound in the background) - feels like it was more as OBS could record or write on my SSHD

I have a i7 700k, GTX 1080 8GB and 16GB RAM, im using atm a SSHD 2TB as memory.

Recordsettings are CBR with 13.500bit / 1920x1080 or CQP CQ Level 7 / Im using the NVEC Encoder

Like i said, recording the game does not create any performanceissues / ingameissues, the record itself has a few lags in as above described situations

Would be nice to get some help, thanks alot.