1. T

    Question / Help Can i stream with good quality?

    Desktop Specs: - Intel® Core™ i5-8400 Hexa-Core, 2.80 GHz with Turbo up to 4.00 GHz, 9 MB Cache - MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB OC - 8GB RAM Internet Speed: (I usually get +100Mps Down/Up)
  2. A

    Question / Help OBS video output quality is not as good as the Bluestack game window. Need some help understanding how to improve video quality.

    I have been trying to record this game with OBS from Bluestacks. I checked a couple of videos to learn about video settings but the output video still isn't nearly as good as the main game in Bluestacks. I uploaded a screenshot with the Bluestacks game (on the right) and the obs output (on the...
  3. S

    Question / Help Better Stream Quality, HELP

    Hello, I currently stream on YouTube and use streamlabs OBS. I have recently had problems with my stream quality as it is showing to viewers as 480. PC specs -core i7 7700k 4.20 GHz -1060 geforce -8 gb ram Current OBS settings, under "streaming" -encoder is NVENC -rate control CBR -bitrate...
  4. L

    Question / Help Stream lagging when minimize game

    Hi guys, when i stream League of Legends (Windows Capture)(LoL is on Bordless) and i minimize it start to lagging on stream. Upload speed 28.25 Mbps, Im using cam, windows capture and browser capture (if someone follow me) intel i5-6400 /2.7g/6mb PowerColor -POWER C AXRX This happens only on...
  5. G

    Question / Help Question about Twitch quality options

    Hello, as the title says I have a question about Twitch quality options. Does anyone know what encoder settings is Twitch using for their 160, 360, 480, 720, 720p60 quality options? The 720p60fps quality option is going out at 3000 bitrate and it looks way better then it should for 3000...
  6. hleV

    Question / Help How do I achieve this Twitch 720p60 quality?

    Here's an example video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/267437350 Possible to achieve such quality on these specs? i7-8700K @ 4.8GHz GTX 970 16GB RAM 50Mbps upload If so, what settings should I use?
  7. D


    So basically I can stream with OBS or with Shadowplay. I prefer OBS much more, but when it comes to streaming, Shadowplay does the Job better in terms of quality and I don´t fully understand why Here are my Shadowplay settings: And here are my OBS settings: I CAN´T UNDERSTAND why...
  8. Dag_MB

    Question / Help Best performanc settings for NVIDIA GeForce 950 and AMD FX-8320E Eight-Core

    Hi. I like to grab videos in Full HD (1920x1080) Unfortunately I don't get a uncompressed video in a good quality. Here are my basic specs. AMD FX-8320E Eight-Core Processor 3.20 GHz 8GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 What do you think would be the best quality I could get and by using which...
  9. P

    Question / Help Hello my dudes. Bad quality on stream :)

    So my PC Specs: GeForce 1060 6GB Intel i7 7700K 8 GB Ram DDR4 x1 What ever. Sooooooo, when im streaming my quality is bad, even while recording, and i don't know why. Here's a vod of the stream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QRlTYW4rac&list=UUXrgeTNiRTZbDmwS4RNYftw&index=1 Im streaming on...
  10. N

    Question / Help Settings & quality

    I set my obs settings to 720p 60fps, 4500 bitrate, FAST preset & HIGH profile but my stream looks like it's 240p? Speed: 200 down 15 up 27 ping Would really love to know how to fix this problem as i want the best quality for my viewers? LOGS: https://hastebin.com/kihofofome

    Question / Help Personal Quality suggestions?

    So I have seen tutorials and suggestion threads all over the place for OBS and how to get greater quality. My thing is no matter how much I play with my settings it doesn't improve. So I'm figuring it might be best to get suggestions based on my personal specs. I want to stream and record (not...
  12. B

    Question / Help Despite high settings, video output is terrible.

    Hello! I seem to be having trouble producing quality 1920 x 1080 recordings... with my GTX 1080. Naturally, I'm a bit confused. I've attached my DxDiag txt file as well as my MSInfo txt file. Hopefully this should provide enough knowledge of my system, otherwise, I'm willing to go further to...
  13. M

    Question / Help Best setting for me

    Currently I'm using OBS to stream to twitch. I play all my games at 1080P. I've got a dual computer setup so the following specs are just for the streaming computer. CPU: i5-2320 RAM: 8GB Cap card: Elgato HD60 Pro Internet: 50Mb/5Mb Mainly play FPS games and the quality is not where I would...