Question / Help Worse Stream Quality During Movement

Captain Caiden

New Member
My streams used to be completely fine until most recently today I streamed and noticed that the quality was way worse than my past streams. I hadn't messed around with my settings before the stream and it seemed to only be really bad when my gameplay was showing. When I switched to fullscreen facecam after a bit of gameplay it look about a minute for the quality to return to it's normal state, but then of course when I went back to gameplay it did what it did. I have 2 livestreams that I'll let you guys compare: Fine Quality: Bad Quality: I know that NVENC is not as good but when I tested my CPU (i5-7500) I thought it would've been powerful enough to use for best quality streaming but all I recieved was nothing but lag (40% usage by OBS) Here is my log file: What I want to know is is it possible to stream with my CPU and why is the quality like what it is?

Thanks, Caiden.


Usually around 15mbps
than go for like 13000-14000 bitrate in obs and watch if your internet can do it without dropping frames, that should make it less shitty looking, but it will not be crystal clear because that is simply not enough bitrate for 1080p60 with NVENC