Question / Help Elgato Cap card quality questions


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I recently pulled out my old Elgato cap HD i got back in 2013 in order to cap gameplay and stream. Thing is, I also pulled out my old ps3eye cam and hooked it up to obs.

My new issue I have that I cannot seem to figure out is, why does the quality of my cap card get artifacting when I use the Nvenc codec? ( this is local recording only atm, not streaming.) I know it does not pack data as well as x264, but even at 10k bitrate it seems a bit off. Should I cut my losses and deal with it? Should I try a Higher bit rate than 10k? Any help is appreciated.

I also found a lot of people like myself having issues with the "stopping recording" bug when using x264 encoding. There are 2 ways I found to get around this...

1. When using this encoding i recommend using the 64bit version of obs if your pc can handle it.

2. If you have to use 32 bit, like I do in order to use the ps3 cam (even though i prefer 64 bit) youll have to use the Nvenc(?) h.264 encoding. This applies to us who have Nvidia cards.

(Hope this might help some ppl)