1. A

    OBS Windows 7

    Guys anyone who uses windows 7 should download OBS Studio 18.0.1 Its the best its in the official obs studio github site.
  2. llinfeng

    Mouse lagging/shuttering when screen-recording with OBS on a laptop with DisplayLink-connected external monitors

    Short question - is it an optimization issue that OBS screen-recording may leave a laptop with DisplayLink-connected monitors less responsive? Or, would adopting an even lower recording setting save me from the following situation? I use OBS to record my work sessions, where the sources include...
  3. T

    OBS Game FPS Cap

    Hey, I have recently had an issue where whenever I open OBS, the FPS in the game that I am playing drops a significant amount (240FPs down to 60FPS) I've tried minimizing OBS, disabling the preview, and enabling game mode, but there is no solution to my issue I have an i9 9th gen CPU and...
  4. O

    Render Lag after 1hr of streaming

    I keep on getting this very intense render lag on my system. It is always after about 45min to and hour of streaming. I have tried almost every setting. At times I even get the lag when the system is sitting Idle. All bios, windows and Nvidia drivers are kept up to date at all times! System...
  5. W


    I have performance issues with OBS and I am having difficulty on having my settings for recording and streaming be better, here are my PC stats: Ryzen 7 2700x ROG Strix B450-F Gaming DDR4 16GB Dual Nvidia GTX 1650 Super Here is my log file: Thank...
  6. U

    How well could my PC record and game?

    Hey, I am wanting to record my gameplay in obs, just wondering how well I could run obs, and games, potentially even discord. Specs: CPU: Intel Core I5-6500 GPU: GeForce GTX 1070Ti RAM: Two 8 gb sticks 2400 mhz Games I might play: Minecraft, Need For Speed, Need For Speed Heat, GTA 5 and more.
  7. F

    Some help adjusting settings for 4K recording?

    I have a 4K monitor and a Quadro RTX 5000 graphics card, and I don't actually even want to record. I just want to enable my replay buffer for 2 minutes in case anything cool happens. The problem is that when I enable it (or even have OBS open), I get a crazy framerate drop. I thought sure, I...
  8. F

    Does streaming and recording at the same time use more CPU when using NVENC?

    using recording quality same as stream or different quality. Is it just asking more work to the encoder (on the GPU) or is it doing more work on the CPU too?
  9. P

    Is it ACTUALLY better to use my desktop resolution as a base canvas size?

    I mean this as more of like a technical question... not just like a... once upon a time in a YouTube video some guy said said always use my desktop resolution so that's the end solution. I have a 3440x1440 ultrawide monitor, but I basically never stream at the 3440x1440 native resolution. I...
  10. S

    FPS Drop just by opening/running OBS (Without rec. or streaming)

    Hey guys, the problem is kinda weird. When i open OBS, my FPS drops (~20-35 FPS loss, just by having it opend). I tested this with many games now. Its always the same problem. I have a RTX 3070 EVGA xc3 Ultra, ryzen 5 3600, 16GB 3200. (Temps are fine GPU Idle= 34°C, Load= ~65°C // CPU...
  11. R

    Big Sur Streaming Dropped frames on Custom Server

    Hello, I have a particular problem and have been through all of the usual recommendations on troubleshooting dropped frames and connectivity issues. I am going to outline my setup and then describe the problem. Streaming System 1 [Disconnecting]: 6-core 2018 Mac Mini MacOS Big Sur...
  12. J

    Sapphire Radeon RX 580 8GB Nitro + VS MSI RTX 2060 Gaming Z 6gb @ 1080p+

    Hello, GPU upgrade question.. from Sapphire Radeon RX 580 8GB Nitro + on MSI RTX 2060 Gaming Z 6gb worth in terms of streaming/gaming at the same time? Will it withstand 2 gb less? CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Box MB: Asrock Fatal1ty X370 Gaming-ITX/ac RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4-3000MHz...
  13. StreamPanel

    Apple Silicon M1 (in new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini) is not "blazing fast" in OBS

    Apparently, this CPU is "blazing fast" when it comes to many tasks, but for some reason, it just absolutely blows for streaming (even as a dedicated streaming computer). This thing cannot even do 720p60 on fast. Thats pathetic since even my 4790k (which scores like less than half as this CPU)...
  14. Speeter

    Best settings on lo end PC

    Hi, my friend has a low end PC (notebook) and wants to stream. Whitch settings shold he use? PC: AMD RYZEN 5U 8GB RAM SSD Thanks
  15. L

    Best quality per bit encoder?

    I have mediocre internet, so I struggle to get a good image. I stream to YouTube 720p60 with x264 faster preset, and it's had the best looking image so far. I get 4.6 MB/s upload speed. I set my bitrate to 4,300 kbps to leave some headroom for if I play an online game. I have a 3700X and a...
  16. A

    Unplugging Second Monitor Solves All Problems?

    Hey OBS peeps, I put a ton of effort into my streaming computer - 3970x 32 cores, 128 GB RAM, 2080ti. I use the Elgato 4K PCIE capture card. I use remote desktop to manage the streaming computer and see the stream using the preview. The streaming computer itself was plugged into 2 4K monitors...
  17. A

    Bitrate spikes drastically

    I stream at 6000 bitrate, but sometimes my bitrate output spikes up to 20 - 35K, which makes my ping in-game really high and the stream laggy. I really need help with this as the high bitrate stays for at least a minute which really ruins the vibes.
  18. corbu

    Media Source CPU load: WebM vs Uncompressed MOV

    Hey everyone, We have a lot of overlays in our OBS setup, and I'm trying to make everything as CPU-efficient as I can. I've been experimenting with the format I'm using to render things out from After Effects, and watching the effect it has on my CPU in OBS. Everything I've been reading or...
  19. D

    OBS and Windows 10 2004 Performance

    Hey all, could it be that the Performance of OBS in Windows 10 2004 is terrible? I Stream the most with 4000kbits on facebook and the bit rate is dropping to 2k or even lower... I have a Gigabit connection with 50 mbit Upload (actually its most arround 35 mbit). I tried X264 (very fast), and...
  20. C

    OBS Video has lag spikes and low quality but game has great performance

    I've tried a lot of things, I read lots of posts over this forum and yet nothing solved it. My game is at completely perfect performance, very smooth and high performance. Is there a way that the recordings I make will be the same quality as the game? Look how smooth his video is, the quality is...