Weird frozen frame in transition


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Hello, so what happens is that when I switch between cameras, one frame of the next camera I switch to, belongs to one from the last time I switched to that camera. Something like this, don't know how to explain it well so here's a video:

As you can see it's not fluid. This doesn't happen everytime, happens like 5% of the times, but it's annoying because I have a long show. My OBS is really full of things (I guess that's the issue) but maybe there's a solution or explanation I don't know.

I use version 27.2.4 and I wouldn't want to change it for now. I attach a log file.



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The log file provided isn't from the session where this happen. Actually it don't have any recoding session in it.
Please read and follow directions and recommendations on the analyzer:

The video looks fluid to me. Probably the issue you persive is in one of the plugins your using. Newer versions have fixes for issues present on older versions but you need a newer version of OBS too.

Also, remove any unused plugin. 21 plugins is insane.