My encoder gets overloaded when it shouldn't


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I've been trying to capture both games and just some internet browsing for some youtube videos and lately OBS can't keep up. it records everything really choppy no matter if I'm using x264 or H.264. Streaming aswell... I run 16gb of ram, R5 2600 and a RX 580 8gb. I've never have this problem before. and I don't know what could it be. I really need some help.

During an Overwatch Stream last week my PC Crashed under the message "Rendering Device is out of Memory" While metrics said I was using no more than 3gb of VRAM and no more than 8 of RAM.

Here is the last log that I got with a "Encoding overloaded!" Message


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- Specify in AMD/FFmpeg: preanalysis=0 If you still get encoder overload, reduce the output resolution
- If you're streaming on twitch, set the resolution to 1664x936 to reduce the load on the encoder
The thing is that the encoder on Radeon video cards has low performance and lags behind competitors in quality.

You can also use x264 veryfast, the quality will be better, but it will require your processor resources.