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    Help when recording, the recording is going well but suddenly it is choppy or slow, The game to record is Terraria

    Have a problem when recording, the recording is going well but suddenly it is choppy or slow, I have tried everything and I can't make my recording look fluid, The game to record is Terraria, it shouldn't take away much performance The game to record is Terraria MY PC: Ryzen 7 5700g gráficos...
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    Fix for OBS stutter,and flickering in g-sync monitors with high refresh rate

    Hope it Helps! for people with 120,144,240hz etc with g-sync in nvidia panel go to program settings choose obs and choose fixed refresh in monitor technology,use 3d aplication setting in vertical sync and in preferred refresh rate choose application controlled! cheers! this fix problem with...
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    My encoder gets overloaded when it shouldn't

    I've been trying to capture both games and just some internet browsing for some youtube videos and lately OBS can't keep up. it records everything really choppy no matter if I'm using x264 or H.264. Streaming aswell... I run 16gb of ram, R5 2600 and a RX 580 8gb. I've never have this problem...
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    AMD Ryzen Encoder Problem

    Since a few month back I start having this problem were I notice that my stream start lagging and then goes back to normal, I notice it since i upgrade my ram to a new one. I was streaming with Ryzen 3 3200g 8 GB ram ( 2 x 4gb ram) @ 2666 mhz no OC after I upgrade to 12gb ram ( 4gb + 8 gb ) @...
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    Choppy/Laggy stream

    Hello all, I've recently started streaming and I can't help but notice a lot of lag and choppiness in my stream and in the videos that are saved after I'm done and was wondering what the issue is? My PC Specs are: -ASUS B85M-G -Intel i7 4790 non-k -16GB DDR3 1600MHz -RX 570 -500w PSU My OBS...