AMD Ryzen Encoder Problem


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Since a few month back I start having this problem were I notice that my stream start lagging and then goes back to normal, I notice it since i upgrade my ram to a new one. I was streaming with

Ryzen 3 3200g
8 GB ram ( 2 x 4gb ram) @ 2666 mhz no OC

after I upgrade to 12gb ram ( 4gb + 8 gb ) @ 2666 no OC , my obs start poping ecoder overload try to use a fast one something like, i Don't remember the actual message and I change to stream with my CPU, GPU (vega 8) , but everything leads to lag my stream into a certain time , here are the logs to see if something is wrong,since i didn't change a lot just the resolution and canvas screen to stream at 720p 30 fps with 2500-3000 bitrate

Here are the logs of my last stream using the CPU: