Render Lag after 1hr of streaming


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I keep on getting this very intense render lag on my system. It is always after about 45min to and hour of streaming. I have tried almost every setting. At times I even get the lag when the system is sitting Idle.

All bios, windows and Nvidia drivers are kept up to date at all times!


Ryzen 7 5800x - Water cooled
Palit 3080
32Gb Mem
2Tb M.2

OBS Settings

Ran as Administrator
Nvenc New
Rescale 1280x720
Keyframe 2
Preset - Max Performance
Profile - Main
Look ahead - off
Psycho Visual Tuning - on "Must be noted I have tried off as well, same result"
GPU - 0
Max B-frames 2

Internet - 850mbps

Last log attached


  • 2022-06-27 22-20-47.rar
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Please restart OBS and perform a test stream/recording for more than 30 seconds doing as you normally do, including playing games, full camera or whatever you normally do.

Now look inside Help menu. Upload the current log file and paste the url to the log in here. Click on the Analize button to start troubleshooting common issues.