1. I

    Zoom in to edit details

    is there any way to zoom in while editing your scene to look at it more closely and to add details? Kinda like zooming in on a drawing or something?
  2. K

    Facebook Live From OBS Browser- picture only and no sound

    Hello OBS Forum members, my name is Kevin and I am a new member here. My question for you seasoned OBS users is how do I use the browser feature in OBS to do a live broadcast to Facebook or YouTube with sound? Using the browser in OBS saves on my CPU usage. I've tried this on a few occasions...
  3. M

    Some games stutter the livestream if GPU reach 100% usage, but some don't

    I know how you need to have free GPU performance to encode the video for OBS in livestreams and recording, but in my experience, some games don't need that free performance. I've stramed some heavy games where my pc wasn't even reaching 60 fps but the livestream didn't stutter, but it still...
  4. S

    Livestream Freezes Often When I Switch Scenes

    Our livestream freezes every time we switch to one particular scene. It features our normal live video but with text, an image, and two color sources. I tried following some advice I found online and used scene sources better, but I got the same outcome. All help is greatly appreciated...
  5. C

    Audio stopped while livestreaming but visuals continued, anyone any ideas why?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the world of streaming so thanks in advance for any responses! I ran a stream last week where we did a 6 hour set and the audio started looping on one track around 2 hours in and I'm unsure why as the visuals continued to stream fine, has anyone else had any similar...
  6. J

    macOS Big Sur 11.2.3 - "No properties available" Display Capture.

    Hey yall, As the title reads, I've been unable to set a display capture - the goal is to Livestream and have 1/2 the screen showing my face, the other half showing my desktop where I'll be going over PDFs and scholarly literature. Any help would be greatly appreciated. FWIW, I'm using an...
  7. R

    Key-ing a background?

    Hello guys, I have a question in regards to whether it's possible to key a picture instead of an entire color, but I should first explain what I am trying to do - maybe you will suggest better option. I am running Easy Worship 2009. For anyone, who doesn't know - it is program that projects...
  8. M

    Live streaming from a Facebook personal account but the output will be on a Facebook page

    Good day! I am a Social Media Manager for a Facebook page for a charity and this will be the first time that we are going to use streaming software for our Facebook Live. We are going to have an event this April and we are going to have performers from around the world. My question is "Is it...
  9. A

    Youtube Livestreaming - Audio drops when going live

    Hi, I have a Signature 12 soundboard with a usb port to the computer to feed audio for recordings. It works well for recording into the computer, but suddenly when trying to run a test on YouTube it drops the audio (it is no longer picked up by OBS) and it won't work unless I restart the...
  10. P

    Audio stucks when I'm live and have my SxFi Headset selected

    Hey boys and girls, I have problems with my audio, when I set up my desktop audio on my new SxFi Headset, the audio stuck (sounds like electricity ) all audio also another mic. But when I select another Audio output, all works fine. And this happens just when I'm live (on Twitch) Can someone...
  11. O

    Livestream disconnecting from YouTube ingest server

    I am having an issue with my livestream disconnecting, and dropping many frames 'due to network'. I have done a lot of research as to what are the ideal settings for streaming and I'll list them below. I stream for a church on Sunday morning, and I'll have a flawless stream for anywhere from 20...
  12. Candybelle

    OBS, Discord, Chome crashing during live stream

    I just don't know where to go for help so here goes nothing. I'll try to be as detailed but short. I just built my pc last September so I could play and Livestream COD Warzone. I've had terrible Dev errors for 2 months (6068, 5759) and the only fix that we came up with was to disable the XMP or...
  13. C

    OBS visual blurry/pixelated when linked to Zoom

    Hi, I am using OBS to broadcast a livestream event (live video stream and presentation slides) on zoom. Even though the image quality is HD on OBS, the livestream turns blurry and pixelated when being streamed and viewed on zoom. Is there any way to solve this issue? I have tried optimising the...
  14. S

    Scheduling Sound Files

    Hello, fellow human life forms! I run a youtube live stream and i want to know if it's possible to schedule my sound files on obs. For example, I want different music for day and night. Is there any way to schedule my sound files on OBS live stream?
  15. W

    No Livestream Audio

    We only Livestream our service once a week & it has worked perfectly for a couple of months now. 2 weeks ago we lost the audio. We run a feed from our soundboard into the camera & it brings both video & audio to the computer using UTAP devices. The levels indicate audio signal at the camera...
  16. B


    Hello guys, im new here and I’m having a issue. I have my one perfectly configured for streaming(so I think) I have done a few test on my own it works perfectly, however when I add add a call via Skype NDI my sound becomes absolutely dreadful, and I can’t figure out why.. do know if is because...
  17. 3

    Playing music in stream for viewers only(muted on desktop)

    So just as the title says. Quick simple tutorial on how to play music while streaming, so only your viewers can hear it. I've tested it with spotify, VLC, winamp and wmp on Windows 10 pro Click here for the Tutorial Video(youtube) -Easy to setup -No additional software needed -works with...
  18. M

    DeckLink Mini Recorder does not recognize in OBS

    Guys, I need a help. Currently, I broadcast live the services of the CHURCH, we use the LIVESTREAM STUDIO. we have two DECKLINK Mini RECORDER capture cards, one of which received the camera and the other the image projection. Works perfectly on Livestream. However I would love to use OBS, but...
  19. @

    Fix Game streaming more than 1 hour

    I am doing fb game streaming then my streaming suddenly stops when it reaches to 1 hour. Can someone help me pls? New in this streaming world. Thank you.
  20. F

    OBS Disconnecting from Youtube Randomly, Freezes when attempting to restart stream

    We are experiencing an issue where our youtube livestream keeps disconnecting mid-stream. We recently had our internet package upgraded to 940MB/s from 400MB/s, expecting this to be the root of the issue. Included here is a picture of our stream settings, as well as our latest log from our most...