Live streaming from a Facebook personal account but the output will be on a Facebook page


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Good day!

I am a Social Media Manager for a Facebook page for a charity and this will be the first time that we are going to use streaming software for our Facebook Live. We are going to have an event this April and we are going to have performers from around the world.

My question is "Is it possible to live stream from the Facebook personal account of the performer but the video output will be on our Facebook page?". I was browsing the internet regarding this but it seems like it is not a common question.

If it is not possible, would you recommend another method on how to do this?

Thank you very much! Keep safe always!


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That really would be more a question to ask Facebook Support, not here.
We don't have any information on how their systems work or how their products interoperate. OBS just sends a feed to their ingest server, same as any RTMP streaming service. Definitely one to ask Facebook, how to stream to a Page.

Most likely you'd just get the stream key from the Page, and have whoever is streaming use that key, without logging into facebook through OBS' "connect" feature at all. You can create a new Profile in OBS (or copy the existing one over) so you don't have to unlink and relink it after they're done streaming to the Page. Just 'duplicate profile' in the Profiles menu, switch to the dupe, rename it 'facebook Page' or something, go into Settings, disconnect, and use the stream key (if provided... or even possible, no idea if Facebook allows streaming to Pages direct. Again, something to ask Facebook Support, as that question is entirely in their wheelhouse).


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Actually, not uncommon request at all - details on FB page... nothing in OBS is impacted
Have the FB Personal account be an admin on the Group (Charity) page
Log onto FB using Personal Account to /Live/Producer
change from posting to own page, but rather Page you Manage (and pick Charity if you have multiple options)

Be sure to do the above security change in plenty of time in advance
We created a dedicated FB account that is just for streaming from the group page (and took weeks before account was 'allowed' by Facebook to stream..)

Also, I strongly recommend using a Scheduled Live Video event, so you can get a URL that non-FB users can watch as well