1. savmikeonthemic

    Motion Tracking / Match Moving Effect?

    I don't know if this has been suggested before (or if anyone really wants this for their streams), but why not a motion tracking / match moving effect or plugin that locks Scenes or other Sources onto moving shapes in the program window? As an example, I found these pictures from the manuals for...

    Question / Help Mixer FTL, Lowest latency settings??

    Hey, I'm wondering if anyone has an idea or has a working FTL setup for OBS. So far my setup works fine, I can go to 1080p60fps no problem, but I want to cut down the stream delay. I've tried different resolutions, bitrates, and even encoders so now I'm officially stuck. The best I've gotten it...
  3. V

    Question / Help [GER] Dual PC Stream - Settings

    Hey liebes OBS - Forum, ich möchte ein kleines Problem melden. Ich habe derzeit ein Dual PC - System konfiguriert zum Streamen. Bevor ich es weiter Erläuter einmal meine PC - Specs: Gaming PC: CPU: Ryzen 1700 - 3,85GHz GPU: Gainward Pheonix 1080Ti (OC) MB: Asus Pro X470 RAM: 16GB @3200MHz...
  4. N

    Question / Help FB Live - How to Fix Audio/Visual Lag for Windows Capture

    I'm FB live streaming a live stream from different city's websites. I have an audio/visual lag but the lag time differs for each city. Is there a way to automate the settings to fix the lag issue?
  5. U

    Question / Help Help with video teleconference during Facebook Live Stream

    Hi all, Our CEO does regular Livestreams to Workplace by Facebook (Facebook for Businesses) and he would like to chat with someone on webcam during his live stream. I'm familiar with how to set up the livestream through OBS and my Magewell USB capture dongle. I also have a number of programs...
  6. D

    Question / Help Set timer to stop recording then start again automatically

    Hi I am looking to stream to youtube for a few days strait and I would like to have it all archived on youtube. Since youtube will only DVR for 4 hours I was wondering if there is a way to stop streaming at 3:59 min and start it again immediately after so it will make an archive of my long...