Question / Help Set timer to stop recording then start again automatically


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Hi I am looking to stream to youtube for a few days strait and I would like to have it all archived on youtube. Since youtube will only DVR for 4 hours I was wondering if there is a way to stop streaming at 3:59 min and start it again immediately after so it will make an archive of my long stream every 4 hours automatically? I realize there is an automated stop timer but is there one to start streaming again? Thanks!


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Did you find a solution to this? I would like to set up a recording of security camera footage because the product we have does not come with archival software. Your situation is essentially the same as mine but for a different purpose. I was thinking of maybe a hitkey being setup in OBS, then have a keyboard macro setup to strike the hot key ever 6 hours or so and then strike it again after a few seconds to start it up again. I don't know of a way to get a keyboard macro to activate on a timer is the problem. Maybe you might find that option useful in your setup.