1. C

    OBS choppy when moving mouse in game

    So basically I stream different games and I've had this problem for a while thinking it would go away by itself (idk why). Whenever i stream a game it runs smoothly but whenever i start moving the mouse it gets choppy and lags every 1.5 second just cuts quickly which is very annoying as said it...
  2. J

    Recordingis choppy and stuttering

    Gameplay is not affect at all its running fine and this is the only game I have found that has done this ever, included below is an example log of what i mean, I have since tried turning off game bar, and all the background Microsoft recording options as well
  3. J

    play back footage on mac is insanely laggy

    so when ever i try to record a video on a game the game its self is extremley laggy and the play back footage is even more laggy and i have no idea what the problem is. i tried everything there is to get better footage and i cant find anything so i came on here to get help...
  4. Twitch fnDolphin

    Stream lagging while recording... PLEASE HELP

    I want to stream while recording at the same time, but whenever I do my stream gets very laggy/choppy. The stream is completely fine when I'm just streaming, but as soon as I press record it starts to lag. I stream to twitch and my hardware is more than capable. I use a Ryzen 5 3600 and an RTX 2080.
  5. LosxThaGod

    Laggy Recording/Video Rendering on OBS

    Hello fellow OBSers. I'm new to the forums, so I'm not sure if we all have a nickname so im dubbing us as the OBSers lol. Trying to keep this a bit short, yet thorough. So I recently purchased a new gaming monitor from Asus, the VG278QR, which is a 165 hz (it's running at 144 hz right now)...
  6. coldz

    Question / Help game recordings laggy and trash

    So, when I wanna record a Roblox video for my youtube channel the Roblox video is complete trash any help/fix? OBS Recording Settings: 720p 25fps, 10,000 bitrate, VBR, and that's most of it. Proof:
  7. B

    Question / Help Good enough PC. Still laggy stream. Please help.

    Hey, everyone. I really want to start to stream some Call of Duty Warzone. My PC can handle the game on high settings perfectly fine. But when I start streaming the game still runs fine but it's all laggy on Twitch, even when I lower the game settings it's still all jumpy on Twitch...
  8. J

    Question / Help OBS and YouTube Live

    Hello, I am a teen from a small town. I guess I'll just post my log files for now. Currently, I just run an app called DroidCam on my phone which sends live video and audio footage to OBS on my computer. I turn on hotspot on the same phone which...
  9. G

    Question / Help My video is laggy and blurry

    Hi, i wanted to record video on my youtube channel but when i record video is very laggy and blurry. In game and preview everything is fine. my pc spec: -ryzen 1500x -rx 580 8gb -16 gb log:
  10. ToMoSK1

    Question / Help Ryzen 3950x RECORDING settings

    Hey guys, Im struggling to set the best recording settings for my cpu preset recordings. I want to record at 1080p60fps I currently have set this: Downscale filter: Lanczos 32bit Cpu usage: MEDIUM Profile:High Bitrate 10 000kbps 2 audio tracks Downscaling from 2560x1080. My problem is that...
  11. K

    Question / Help OBS Showing 60 but not (Record Problem)

    I use double screen. both 60 hertz. Obs version 25.0.1 is up to date. I follow the obs program from the second screen. I don't start yet recording but fps drop and stuttering. the same thing happens whether I start record it or not Obs recording is sometimes fluent, sometimes stuttering, (but...
  12. N

    Question / Help Video is choppy/laggy

    I have rtx 2060 and ryzen 7 2700x,16gb 3200mhz ram.240ssd,1tb hdd But when i record gameplay the video is choppy EXAMPLE - Here is the SLOBS log - what is wrong?I have disabled windows game mode,DVR,
  13. M

    Question / Help Problem with 60 fps recording.

    Hi, so I have this problem with recording my gaming videos in 60 fps. My game is running easilly at 300 fps while recording, but video isn't as smooth as other 60 fps videos I see on youtube. I have 144hz monitor if that means anything. Idk why this happens but I started to record at 110 fps and...
  14. M

    Question / Help Laggy recording.

    I’m new to all this and have no idea about numbers, or anything but it lags on my recordings but it’s not lagging on my game? Can someone help me sort this please all I want to do is record videos to put on YouTube! This is so stressful please help!
  15. B

    Question / Help Laggy output videos.

    Hi! Whenever I record with obs, after I watch the clip back, it's super laggy and skips around a lot. The log files are in the attachments. Thanks (LOG FILE)
  16. L

    Question / Help high encoding problem (please help)

    my OBS recently has had this weird problem when i try to record minecraft in 1080p with facecam. it says high encoding and makes my recordings laggy. i dont know why all of the sudden i cannot record in 1080p and its really annoying. sometimes I fix it by editing the source outputs and stuff but...
  17. A

    Question / Help Minecraft OBS Studio record laggy

    Hi, so when I record my Minecraft and OBS studio seem fine but when I watch it back the vid looks laggy and choppy. I've tried looking things up but a lot have logs and I don't know how to do that. I what the vid to look nice so then I can post it on YouTube. Can someone please help?
  18. Stream Advisor

    Question / Help Pixelated / Laggy / Quality issues ( Stream & Recording MP4 )

    Hello! I have had allot of problems with my stream. My current setup > My current OBS settings. The logg is in the Attachments. Hope you guys could help me im struggeling with this for months...
  19. S

    Question / Help Game is 60+FPS while OBS & recording is less than set FPS!

    Specs: EVGA GTX 1070 SC in SLI Intel i5-7600K CPU 3.8GHz (doesn't improve recording at 4.2GHz) 32GB Corsair RAM (2666 clocked speeds XMP) Asus STRIX z270-F motherboard 3TB WD hard drive space I tried every setting on YouTube (all seen to be the same) and my own settings but the gameplay seems...
  20. C

    Question / Help When in menus or google i run buttery smooth until i switch to my game and it lags like hell *only for the stream*

    So i just got my new Gaming PC *3 Weeks old* GTX 1060 6GB i5-8400 16GB RAM and gaming is fine but when i tried streaming with games it just lags so bad on stream when in game i run at like 100+ FPS but on stream it stutters and it looks choppy. Example :