Question / Help OBS and YouTube Live


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Hello, I am a teen from a small town.

I guess I'll just post my log files for now.

Currently, I just run an app called DroidCam on my phone which sends live video and audio footage to OBS on my computer. I turn on hotspot on the same phone which powers my laptop with OBS and YT live. (8Mb download 1.45 upload)

The video feedback I see on OBS is very crisp, but the YT live video is VERY laggy and the resolution is not on par with what is on OBS. I tried messing with the Bitrate, FPS, and resolution, but it doesn't seem like those really help.

I tried the same setup at home with faster internet (23Mb download 3.15 upload), but I get a worse laggy and glitchy YT live. At this point, the webcam footage on Zoom is even better than what I'm getting.

Am I just missing something, or is my computer alone not powerful enough? Thank you for the help