Question / Help OBS Showing 60 but not (Record Problem)


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I use double screen. both 60 hertz.
Obs version 25.0.1 is up to date. I follow the obs program from the second screen. I don't start yet recording but fps drop and stuttering.
the same thing happens whether I start record it or not
Obs recording is sometimes fluent, sometimes stuttering, (but never completely fluent).
I have been dealing with this problem for 1 week, please help.
The methods I tried.
(I tried almost every setting in obs program. Select x264 or nvec - change bitrate - change processor priority - change task manager process sequence - start as obs manager - fix 60 fps in game - open in-game vsync - choose 30 fps in obs or 60 choose - use a single screen - choose a game capture - choose a screen capture - use a single source)


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