Recordings used to be great but now really choppy (in game)


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Hi, so i play minecraft and i used to use Xbox game bar to record clips and the recordings were very smooth. Here are some clips ( But now though, i dont know what happened, and the recordings are just so much worse (choppier and less quality). So i tried OBS and many other recording softwares but they all have the same problem. They are all choppy and have bad quality when u record in game. Can someone PLEASE help me find a solution, ive been trying for really long.

PC Specs :
4gb RAM
AMD radeon(TM)graphics
AMD athlon silver 3050u with radeon graphics, 2300mhz, 2 cores, 2 logical processors
1920x1080 monitor, 75hrz refresh rate

(Let me know if i missed any specifications)