lag issues

  1. S

    Question / Help Why is OBS So Garbage & Complicated?

    It's bad because I can't record 60 FPS videos like everyone else says you can. I don't want to Stream. Recording should take less work but for some reason I struggle. Since 2013 I have never been able to get 60 FPS recordings. 1080p doesn't look like 1080p. The 60 FPS setting is useless because...
  2. V

    Question / Help What's the Best Setting For OBS Recording and Streaming Based Off Of My Hardware Specs

    Motherboard: Asus Prime Z370-A II CPU: Intel Core i7 8700k GPU: Asus Geforce GTX 1080 Strix Advanced Edition RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 2x8 (16GB) 3000MHz Hard Drive: Samsung V-NAND SSD 860 EVO SATA M.2 (500GB) Western Digital 1TB Blue Power Supply: Corsair CX 850M...
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    Question / Help Game is 60+FPS while OBS & recording is less than set FPS!

    Specs: EVGA GTX 1070 SC in SLI Intel i5-7600K CPU 3.8GHz (doesn't improve recording at 4.2GHz) 32GB Corsair RAM (2666 clocked speeds XMP) Asus STRIX z270-F motherboard 3TB WD hard drive space I tried every setting on YouTube (all seen to be the same) and my own settings but the gameplay seems...
  4. M

    Question / Help OBS Streaming from 144Hz Single PC

    Hey Folks, I own a 144Hz Gaming Monitor and would like to stream Games from one PC. I am trying to use OBS but I'm experiencing Render Lags/Stalls. How can this be eliminated ? My system has Ryzen 7 2700X and Nvidia RTX 2080 with 16GB DDR4 RAM. I'm attaching OBS Logs for you to see my...
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    Question / Help Upgraded hardware w/worse streaming results

    Hi all. I'm back again with issues regarding streaming and settings. I recently upgraded my MOBO to Strix z390 Gaming with i5 9600k, and 16gb 2133mhz RAM. I also picked up a second 24", 144hz, monitor. I'll touch on this a little later. And of course a fresh install of Win 10. I should mention I...
  6. MartonDev

    Question / Help Lagging in streaming, but no lags in recordings

    Hey, I am new to the forums and I have a problem. So when I try to stream on YouTube or Twitch, I get a lot of lags when watching back the footage, but I don't lag in games. When I record, the recordings are also lag free. I don't think it's anything wrong with hardware, I have a GTX 1050 and...
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    Question / Help Lag en videos pero el sonido se reproduce normalmente.

    Buenos dias comunidad, quisiera contarles acerca de mi problema con OBS y sus grabaciones.. Como dice en el titulo, cada vez que intento grabar un juego, los videos al reproducirlos se ven tildadas, trabados, con lag en ciertas partes en juegos como shooters es imposible practicamente...
  8. R

    Question / Help Ingame Microlags

    Hello Community I have a Problem. I want to Stream Overwatch but when i start OBS i get Microlegs ingame. The game is telling me there are constantly 240fps but i notice that there are not 240 FPS. The coriuos thing is that the first 5 to 20 seconds after starting OBS or changing settings are...
  9. D

    Question / Help OBS Lagging and freezing on streams +Pixelated image

    So,i tried to stream for honor on Twitch w/OBS but if i get a high Bit Rate it freezes and if i get a lower bit rate it just turns into minecraft. I have a good PC and i don't understand why it freezes like this I edited now and every match i go it has a bad connection (i think its only on twitch)
  10. Derkin

    Question / Help Advanced Recording Lagging

    Hello, I am having many problems with trying to record on OBS. When I set the recording to 'Simple' mode it seems to record fine but I want advanced so I can record more than one audio track for my microphone. I seem to also have a similar issue with ReLive but I think its to do with the...
  11. S

    Question / Help Best settings for me? recordings keep getting "laggy" and not as sharp as i want

    Hey! im trying to record some Modern Warfare 2 gameplay, but when i record it turns out "laggy" and not as clear as it actually is. The game doesnt lag att all when i record but when i watch the movie file after it does. My pc specs is NVIDA GeForce GTX 1070Ti AMD Ryzen 5 1600x Six-core...
  12. R

    Question / Help Why Does OBS Lag No Matter How Low I Set Things?

    OBS always lags out even though my game did not, I don't have the best PC, but it runs most modern games, for instance My Hero Academia: One's Justice runs fine as a game, but my recordings of it are so laggy, I don't know what settings to have it on and I'm getting a bit frustrated after a few...
  13. F

    Question / Help Lag with audio

    Hey, Just since Yesterday, when i'm starting to stream, i have lot of lag just when i'm talking or when there are some music on my stream. If there is no sound already is ok. Is so weird, i don't understand why. I have some lags in game too. Please help
  14. B

    Question / Help Please Help/ Recording Issues

    Log File: I really don't know what could be going wrong. I am just trying to record some Rainbow Six Siege with some friends but whenever I record, the videos come out unbearably choppy and laggy. Audio is fine but the quality of the video is...
  15. Crayozo

    Question / Help Choppy/Laggy Recordings

    I have spent the past 5 hours looking up youtube videos on "Best OBS recording settings" and here is my problem. I play most of my games with 200+ fps when I record and when I don't record. It is not my game that is lagging, but the recording itself is extremely laggy and choppy. I have become...
  16. C

    Question / Help Laggy Recording, even with high end Hardware

    Hey everyone, I use OBS to capture and stream gaming content (not both at the same time). I want to record at high quality settings, because..... why not (my Hardware should be powerful enough). I want 1080p 60 fps capture without having bad picture quality. I used many different settings (cbr...
  17. C

    Question / Help Stream Laggy/Choppy

    Hi, I seem to be having troubles with a laggy and choppy stream. I would think my GPU and CPU could handle it (RTX 2080 and i7 8700k). I also ran the Twitch Bandwidth test and Portland, Oregon seemed to be the best one with the quality at 100 and the ping at 17. I have looked everywhere and...
  18. A

    Question / Help Computer Lag

    Hi everyone, I was wondering why my computer was lagging when I was trying to record 1080p League Of Legends Content. My rig should be able to do it with a breeze but I don't know why it can't. Here are my specs: Dell G7 Laptop: I7-8750H 8 Cores 4.1ghz GTX 1060 6gb MAX-Q 8gb RAM 128GB SSD 1tb...
  19. J

    Question / Help Shuttering and Lag when recording

    Hi, So the last 6 months I've moved from Action! to OBS for recording games to my Youtube channel. It has been working flawlessly but in the past couple of months OBS just hasn't been working. It started out with just recording a still image with flawless audio in the background to now recording...
  20. L

    Question / Help OBS Weird lag

    Hello! My friend has been experiencing a weird lag issue when streaming any game. Fps is fine (Usually sits around 120 in most games) and so is the stream, however for him, in his monitor he can see it lagging/tearing and chopping. The issue stops as soon as he stop streaming/recording with obs...