lag issues

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    Question / Help CS:GO capped to 60Hz (or lower) on a 144Hz monitor when OBS is opened

    Heyo! Let me start by saying, that I am using a 144Hz main monitor, and a 60Hz secondary monitor. This itself does cause issues in specific cases, however, this one only appears when I try streaming csgo. Basically, whenever OBS is opened, and I'm trying to stream CS, it will cause the game to...
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    Bug Report OBS LAG(Frame Drop) PLS HELP

    HI, my obs start laging today he drop frames like its 60 few seconds and drop 15 ot its 30....15...30...8 like that i try to stream with Processor with QuickSync and GPU my PC is i5-2320 3Ghz 4cores RX 550 4GB 128bit 8 GB Ram 1333Hz 1TB of Hard Only program run on pc is OBS and game Fortnite...
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    Question / Help My OBS Studio recordings is laggy

    I updated my Windows to the new October update and my OBS Studio recordings started to lag a lot and a lot of frame drops. Tried to reinstall obs studio but din\t work. I have the same settings as before. Settings--------------------------------------------------------- NVENC H.264 CBR 25000...
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    Bug Report fps drop

    Hey recently when i open a game wile obs is on obs for some reason drops fps and goes crazy and i have to open the game first and then open obs. This could happen when i am not streaming or recording i tried re downloading it still happens if you can help i highly appreciate it !!!!
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    Question / Help Bad lag and low frame rate when streaming

    Hey, I need help fixing lag and low frame rates while using OBS studio, I will make a disclaimer by saying I'm not all that knowledgeable with computers, so sorry if I come across as ignorant heheh Last log file: Computer specs: i7-4800MQ cpu @...
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    Question / Help Sound issues with OBS and Twitch

    Hello, i have some sound issues during the stream. I stream League of Legends and i listen to music in Spotify. My problem is that if i am Live the sound basically laggs. So the music and ingame sound is playing and than in the Stream there is no continuous normal sound because there are gaps...
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    Question / Help Stream lagging BAD only Overwatch

    Hi, so recently my stream has started lagging BAD when I play Overwatch, have tried Dead By Daylight and doesnt lag at all. I recently moved but this place has better internet (100mb down/110mb up). I have tried lowering bitrate, usually have it on 3500 but put it down to 3000 and more. Changed...
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    Question / Help Livestreaming lag issues after 2.0.2 update

    Hello I used to make streams with OBS at 720p 30 fps without problems but after downloading the update 2.0.2 now the stream lags with the same config I used before the update. And the option of screencapture on stram now don´t shows the screen Can anyone help me please? This are my actual settings