Question / Help Smooth gameplay and constant fps on stream with irregular drops during intense moments


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I've just recently started streaming so forgive me for my minimal knowledge. I stream several games and light / less taxing games like escapist 2, Dota Underlords and Hurtworld have not given me any issue in constant stream framerates. On Tom Clancy: Rainbow Six Siege however, my gameplay is at 60fps with occasional dips to 48fps which is still playable and not severely laggy. However on stream though it seems constant most of the time but when a fast moving scene occurs during the game, the stream buffers or lags somehow. I've tried changing my encoder from x264 to NVENC but it doesnt seem like its making any difference. I've skimmed through the logs and i did however noticed a 1% frame lag. I was wondering if the community has a solution to this and would anyone kindly point out the right steps i should be taking to solve this. Attached are my logs and speedtest (usually the DL speed is around 100mbps+, no idea what is up with it today).

Using Streamlabs OBS
Gaming and Streaming on a laptop:
GTX 1050 4GB


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Tried streaming again with PUBG, i was getting 60frames and dips to 44fps. Stream was set to 720p 30fps and whenever i dip, i realized the lag occurs too. So i cap the game's fps to 30fps and i realized i had smooth stream throughout my gameplay. Does this actually cause problems and is there a solution to it or do i have to ultimately play all my games cap at 30 eventhough i can play 40-60fps?


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Ohhhhh... i thought since SLOBS is well a version of OBS then support was here too. Thanks for letting me know. Sorry for the wrong post on the wrong platform lol