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    Output OBS audio to Mac speakers

    How can I output the game audio from OBS capture to my on board speakers? I am using a very simple HDMI to USB plug to go direct to the Mac, not a sound board, so when playing (Switch games, so I can't use Switch Bluetooth or headphones on the Switch as it defeats OBS' capture) so I can both...
  2. D

    Problems with OBS 28 on iMac i5 Dual-core Ventura iOS

    Since I update to OBS 28, I have many problems with my stream on YouTube and Twitch. I can't set my obs to do I good stream like older version. Can someone help me?
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    Settings for iMac Intel i7 - 3,8 Ghz - 128 GB RAM - AMD Radeon Pro 5500 XT 8GB

    I want to record Videos in 4K in OBS Studio Release 28.1.2 (64bit) Base screen 3840 x 2160 Output 3840 x 2160 FPS frames are set on 60 FPS Recording settings are set on USERDEFINED OUTPUT Container Format: Standard Videobitrate 64000 Kbps...
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    virtual camera OBS problems version 28.1.2

    306 / 5.000 Risultati della traduzione ciao a tutti, sto usando con traduttore, spero di essere chiaro. Ho scaricato OBS Studio versione 28.1.2 per iMac Retina 4K 21.5 2019, la virtual camera non funziona, il video non mi riporta indietro (vedi immagine sotto), devo inserire il logo con lo Zoom...
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    Frames missed due to rendering lag on my BigSure iMac and I have no ide what this is causing

    Folks, Trying to use OBS for Zoom Meeting so. no real streaming just sharing the "Windowed Projector" or just enable sidecar and get the windowed Projector on the iPad which I share via Zoom. It always starts with getting a red time from the Average time to render frame and than the rendering...
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    OBS suddenly crashed ("Unable to find locale enUS.ini) - since then OBS no longer works!

    Until today I have no problems with running OBS (24.0.2) on my iMac (early 2009 - OSX 10.11.6). I had just created a new profile and created a window capture source and suddenly OBS crashed. I got 2 error messages. The first message: “Unable to locate locale: enUS.ini”. The second message...
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    Dante Virtual Soundcard and multiple users

    Kind of a weird situation here... the iMac we use for our stream has multiple logins. i am trying to setup a new account on the iMac to be used strictly for our streams. I can get all of my sources to work properly, but Dante Virtual Soundcard is not showing an audio level. All of my settings...
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    Display recording for 3 hours, iMac screen turned purple/crashed

    Hello, Tried to record a longer video of my display, showing my work process in Photoshop that I would later speed up to a timelapse video. About 3 hours in to the recording my iMac screen turned purple and essentially crashed, which made me restart the computer and unfortunately lose my...
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    How can I listen to my gameplay through my headphones and record it at the same time?

    I have been struggling to figure out how to record both mic input audio, AND gameplay sound that I hear through my headset simultaneously on my iMac with OBS. I have basically tried everything on the internet so if you have a solution to my problem, it would be much appreciated if you could...
  10. L

    Can any one help with RodeCaster as input set up?

    sorry in advance very, very much a novice here! So I'm trying to run RodeCaster as the primary audio source into OBS for a live feed. Think I have literally watched every 'set up' vid I can find and read a bit here but sadly am still not getting any audio into OBS from the mixer...RodeCaster...
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    Question / Help OBS crashes on start-up

    Please help. In a cruel twist of fate OBS stoped working on an ideal night for streaming. Tried to install and reinstall, deleted the obs folder in the Library, tried switching audio output but NOTHING WORKS! I don't know what I possibly did to make it act like this every time I start the...
  12. OTISIN

    Question / Help IshowU audio capture/OBS/fortnite/iMAC/ @dodgepong This new OBS installer is fine but there's still some issues with the desktop audio, It stays disabled, I tried downloading the IshowU capture app and it worked perfectly, it red my desktop audio, my mic was...
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    Question / Help No Sound While Using AverMedia LiveGamer Portable 2 Plus iN OBS Mac

    The title says it all. OBS acknowledges AverMedia LGP2+ and allows video input from it, but I have ZERO audio. I'm streaming from external sources, like my Switch and PS4; I don't stream using in-Mac sources (Twitch, etc). No idea what I'm NOT doing or if I have to add an Audio Input or Output...
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    Question / Help Glitch in OBS usin CamCorder, Imac and Blackmagic Capture Card

    Hello everybody, I am having a strange issue with my Camcorder and OBS. I am capturing my Panasonic HC-V180EG-K Full HD Camcorder with my Blackmagic Capture Card (Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt) to my IMac. As you can see on the image, there are these horizontal lines on every moving object...
  15. B

    Question / Help Obs NDI Help

    So i just got access to the old iMac and i wanted to use it as streaming pc. so i installed obs ndi on both did everything how it should be but it doesn't show on the iMac does anyone know any fix for this or setting i may of skipped. Ps. I did restart both devices ant they are connected to...
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    Question / Help I really wish they would put more effort into the Mac version of OBS :(

    Streaming makes up a good part of my living and i'm a musician so Mac is preferred for audio/recording reasons...but OBS for Mac is reeealllllyyy rough. The amount of bugs I have to work around every stream is mind boggling....from crashes when changing scene collections (or when closing app)...
  17. A

    Bug Report OBS Freezes For a Moment on Scene Transition

    I got a new Mac and updated to Mojave, so I can't be sure if this is just this Mac or something related to Mojave but I didn't have this problem on my old Mac Pro with these same scenes and settings: Model Name: iMac Model Identifier: iMac18,3 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor...
  18. G

    Question / Help 2 iPhones

    Hi, Trying to connect two iPhones so I can stream what’s on there display, but it will only work with one. What I’m I doing wrong Cheers.
  19. L

    Question / Help Hardware Encoder Options?

    Good morning, I am new to the world of streaming and am trying to work things out. Computer setup: iMac Bootcamp Windows 10, quad-core i7-6700 4GHz, 16gb ram Inputs: PS4 through Elgato HD60S (Hence the Bootcamp for Windows instead of using the mac version of OBS), Logitech C920 webcam...
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    Bug Report Camera not recognized when changing USB ports

    Hi All, I have a new iMac with the most recent OBS and if I ever switch the port my USB camera is in, all of the sources for that camera break. I have to reconfigure the camera in the properties anytime I move the ports. In the device properties, the camera shows up with #2, #3, etc. appended...