Question / Help No Sound While Using AverMedia LiveGamer Portable 2 Plus iN OBS Mac

Illa Straighter

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The title says it all. OBS acknowledges AverMedia LGP2+ and allows video input from it, but I have ZERO audio. I'm streaming from external sources, like my Switch and PS4; I don't stream using in-Mac sources (Twitch, etc).

No idea what I'm NOT doing or if I have to add an Audio Input or Output Capture element to my scene, but I've tried everything I can think of. I have a 2019 iMac with the (current) high-end processor.

Please assist. It's vitally important that people both watch AND HEAR me play Mario Kart for 20 minutes at a clip before I get bored and go on to doing something else. Thank you in advance.

(Alternately, my ElGato HD60 imports audio AND video but only within ElGato's Game Capture, which is sorely lacking in bells & whistles compared to the esteemed OBS.)


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Elgato has now published a tool for MacOS that generates an NDI feed from the HD60, which can then be imported into OBS in conjunction with the OBS NDI plugin.

For audio, try running OBS from the command line as it is possible the app hasn't asked for permission to use audio devices.

Illa Straighter

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@Narcogen THANK YOU. The "Terminal" thing worked perfectly. After about three months of screwing around I finally have audio for my LiveGamer/OBS.

I haven't tried the ElGato thing yet but I'll do so tonight; it'll just be icing on the cake at this point.