avermedia lgp2+

  1. S

    Question / Help Using Astro a40 Mixamp with Avermedia LGP2+

    So, I just purchased an Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus, and it will be arriving on Friday. I am looking to stream from and Xbox One X through my Capture Card to my Laptop, and I have the details on how I will hook up the video, but I am concerned on how I will hook up the audio correctly...
  2. P

    Question / Help Avermedia LGP2 Providing Odd Video Quality

    Hey all, I finally have got everything I wanted to get for my computer to run all my tasks both video editing and gaming. I have now encountered a big problem for myself which is the main reason I invested in building a computer was being able to use my Avermedia Live Gamer Plus 2 (GC513). I'm...
  3. I

    Question / Help No Sound While Using AverMedia LiveGamer Portable 2 Plus iN OBS Mac

    The title says it all. OBS acknowledges AverMedia LGP2+ and allows video input from it, but I have ZERO audio. I'm streaming from external sources, like my Switch and PS4; I don't stream using in-Mac sources (Twitch, etc). No idea what I'm NOT doing or if I have to add an Audio Input or Output...
  4. spyvspyaeon

    Question / Help Avermedia lgx 2 with 2 computers - I'm lost

    Howdy, I am a streamer and I found the need to use a second computer to stream. What I have: * Gaming PC - I5 4690k 3.5ghz with a graphic card asus rog strix radeon rx 570 4gb (has 1 x DisplayPort; 1 x HDMI; 2 x DL-DVI-D; Suport HDCP) * Samsung curved 144Hz (2 HDMI IN and a display port) *...
  5. D

    Question / Help Avermedia Game Capture with Obs..

    Hello, When using the Avermedia LGP2+ capture card instead of using it as a "Video Capture Device" would it be better to window capture (You can playback audio through the Avermedia Software) to reduce CPU usage on OBS, therefore being able to stream at a higher quality as the Capture Card does...