Question / Help I really wish they would put more effort into the Mac version of OBS :(


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Streaming makes up a good part of my living and i'm a musician so Mac is preferred for audio/recording reasons...but OBS for Mac is reeealllllyyy rough. The amount of bugs I have to work around every stream is mind boggling....from crashes when changing scene collections (or when closing app), to browser sources/video capture devices changing size every time i change a scene, not being able to interact correctly with browser sources, to audio lag issues and audio cutting out completely when I try to set the sync offset to compensate for the audio lag issues. I'd change if there were a viable replacement, but OBS is the best i've seen :/ If someone who works on OBS reads these forums, please work on the bugs for Mac :/ You hold the keys to live streaming being viable on Mac.

FYI i have a 2017 iMac, fully upgraded. Using Soundflower and Reaper for audio into OBS. Streamlabs for alerts/event list. I stream on both Twitch and Facebook Live, not simultaneously. Can provide logs for stream if needed.