OBS suddenly crashed ("Unable to find locale enUS.ini) - since then OBS no longer works!


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Until today I have no problems with running OBS (24.0.2) on my iMac (early 2009 - OSX 10.11.6). I had just created a new profile and created a window capture source and suddenly OBS crashed. I got 2 error messages.
  • The first message: “Unable to locate locale: enUS.ini”.
  • The second message: “Can`t load locale”.
The problem could not be resolved, even after a restart and reinstallation. I even downloaded older and newer versions of OBS. All of this seemed to have helped other users, even with the same old system as mine. But I still had the same problem over and over again.
I tried to install the following versions: 25.0.8, 24.0.6, 24.0.5, 24.0.2, 23.2.1.

Is it possible, that files that remain after a deinstallation, are to blame? Despite a cleaner app, I still found remnants of OBS. But even if I would delete them manually, such file corpses could still be hiding somewhere in the system.

Would be really great if you could help me. I´m really desperate! Unfortunately, I didn´t find any OBS error logs, so there is an error reporting log from Apple

Until then, unfortunately, it means that I have to look for an alternate software. At least until a solution has been found!


  • Apple Error Log OBS.pdf
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