1. S

    OBS suddenly crashed ("Unable to find locale enUS.ini) - since then OBS no longer works!

    Until today I have no problems with running OBS (24.0.2) on my iMac (early 2009 - OSX 10.11.6). I had just created a new profile and created a window capture source and suddenly OBS crashed. I got 2 error messages. The first message: “Unable to locate locale: enUS.ini”. The second message...
  2. F

    Question / Help OBS crashing on start-up after updating to v24

    Hello, I tried to update OBS from 23.2.1 to 24.01 on my Mac OSX, after installing NDI and CamTwist app for streaming OBS to SKype calls. When OBS finished installing last update, I could not start and i get the message: "Failed to load locale/en-US.ini" or "Failed to load loale" at 3rd attempt...
  3. T

    Bug Report [MAC] OBS seems to crash unexpectedly at the same hour every night

    This is VERY weird. It seems like my OBS crashes around 10:30PM ET every night. When I relaunch it, it crashes over and over after a random amount of time between 5 seconds and 15 minutes, no matter what i do (I tried deleting the "obs-browser" folder, the whole OBS folder in Application Support...
  4. Trebian

    Question / Help Abstürze wegen fehlender "locale/en-US.ini" OBS Studio 22.0.3

    Seit gestern stürzt mein OBS andauernd ab, mit einer Meldung, "Failed to find locale/en-US.ini" Was kann ich tun, ausser OBS noch einmal drüber zu installieren, was ich bereits gemacht habe. Logfile: https://obsproject.com/logs/kiAMm_GnKMUiKEgm