Question / Help Abstürze wegen fehlender "locale/en-US.ini" OBS Studio 22.0.3


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Die Abstürze treten spontan auf. Aber scheinbar seltener, wenn der Mac neu gestartet wurde.
Die "fehlende" ini lässt sich über die Suche nicht finden. (Systemdateien angezeigt). Auch nicht nach einer frischen installation von OBS.
Sie scheinen seltener geworden zu sein, nachdem ich 'alle' Quellen neu eingebunden habe.


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Running latest version on an iMac with Mojave. OBS WAS RUNNING PERFECTLY FINE, until I wanted to add a browser showing a (large) pdf file as a test. Another instance of the browser was running a live video feed without any problems. After clicking OK the program crashed and could not be started after that. I completely deleted the application, tried to locate related files, found files in Library and deleted them, rebooted the Mac, reinstalled but it keeps crashing all the time. Tried to locate where the project file(s) are store but cannot find them.
The screen that pops up appears to be showing my last setup and then crashes (as described in many other posts). I think if this setup can be deleted there is a chance the system would run again.

Any suggestions where these files are located?