game audio

  1. thatoneXman

    Record Mic and Game audio separately?

    I was just wondering if its possible to record the Microphone audio and Game audio as Separate files. like for editing purposes? Thanks!
  2. D

    how can I reverse my sound on obs?

    I'm using a software named "EqualizerAPO" to reverse my hearing.It's a problem about my ears (probably).Because of this software my wievers are hearing the left sound from right and left sound from right. Is there a way to change it from obs?
  3. PotationRotationTV

    Help Figuring Out What I'm Doing Wrong (Switch, External Camera, etc)

    I was content setting up my Lumix G7 camera and aiming at my TV to capture game play and using external mic for game and personal audio, but I am trying to be more professional going forward with my content. However, I am not very tech savvy and am running into issues. Let me start by listing...
  4. Z2A_GamesYT

    Window Capture Audio vs. Desktop Audio

    Say I want to capture a game on steam at the same time I play music, however I want to be abled to control the game audio and music separately? Is there any way I can do that or can I only play the game audio to the stream using desktop audio? If it helps at all I capture the game footage using...
  5. C

    Question / Help Gamechat

    Hello I am new to streaming. I stream using an Elgato HD60s and an Xbox one. I use streamlabs obs. I use a chat link cable between my mix amp and my elgato to pick up game chat. The issue is it picks up my game chat and I want to use my blue snowball as my mic not the one I use to talk to...
  6. C

    Question / Help i want to record discord game chat in my OBS recording..

    I'm trying to record my gameplay and discord audio at the same time.. Right now when I stream I can hear my friend and myself (which is awesome!) but if I record thru OBS I can barely hear my friend (thru Discord) on the recording. Any thoughts on how to combine our Discord Audio on a...
  7. G

    Question / Help PLEASE HELP How to get Nintendo Switch audio to go through my headphones with no delay while streaming

    I started streaming recently and plan on steraming switch games. No delays at all for the stream which is good. However I can't listen to the switch audio without a delay from what is actually happening on my gameplay screen. I have no idea what to do, if anything can be done. I'm also using an...
  8. M

    Question / Help No Audio on Elgato

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to figure out an issues with my elgato in OBS. The elgato is being read and recognized by OBS as it is capturing video and its audio bar shows up in the mixer, but there is no audio coming through. I've tried various different fixes for this including changing the...
  9. S

    Question / Help How can I hear stereo game sounds while I streaming?

    I can hear game sounds while streaming with recording my voice. But the sounds I can hear are always mono sounds. If I set up another headset for monitoring, can I play games with hearing stereo sounds with it? Or, is it not good because of the delay of the game sounds? I need your help who has...
  10. D

    Question / Help Need ALL audio from PS4 (gameplay, party chat, voice) sent to my OBS Twitch Stream

    I need help getting all my audio through to my Twitch Stream via OBS. I want all the audio that is in my headset to be a part of my stream for my viewers. I have tried with a USB headset (in PS4 usb port) and found that unsuccessful. Now, I have purchased a wired headset to try. Sending audio...
  11. C

    Question / Help Trouble Syncing Game Audio

    I will preface by saying that this could be an issue with either the Elgato HD60S or OBS Link and not OBS itself. However, I figure that there are enough people in these forums that you may be able to provide a solution to my problem. My current streaming setup (for twitch) is an Xbox One with...
  12. M

    Question / Help Video Audio quality bad

    Since no one has encountered this issue obviously since i spent 2 hours searching for a fix yet only found MICROPHONE related and not GAME AUDIO related Im getting this open air sound... was not like this yesterday. Everything is off, no surround, nothing. All enhancements off. I tried...
  13. Tips

    Question / Help OBS Was working fine but... bitdefender?

    My OBS was working fine, I installed bitdefender and for some reason cannot capture in game audio anymore, I uninstall bitdefender also my nvidia drivers (now I have reinstalled these) I uninstalled OBS but no deleted the user settings and I reinstalled again with no luck
  14. Theealexguy

    Question / Help PLEASE PLEASE HELP

    Hi everyone as I have stated above, my stream is perfectly fine for around 20 minutes sometimes longer (sometimes shorter) then all of a sudden I'll see that the bar will turn from green to red and I'll go from around 6,000kbps to around 3,000kbps. Then obviously the FPS will drop from 60 to...
  15. Theealexguy

    Question / Help Frame rate loss, red bar, game capture audio disconnecting and kbps drop....

    Hi everyone as I have stated above, my stream is perfectly fine for around 20 minutes sometimes longer (sometimes shorter) then all of a sudden I'll see that the bar will turn from green to red and I'll go from around 6,000kbps to around 3,000kbps. Then obviously the FPS will drop from 60 to...
  16. G

    Question / Help Game audio doesn't get captured | not shown in mixer | other sounds of same source works

    Hello people, i have a problem and I hope somebody is out there who can help me fix it. So I want to record a gameplay of GTA SA(pretty old game) and everything works fine except that the sound, which I can hear myself though, through a Device, lets say its Device A, won't be shown as actual...
  17. W

    Question / Help New to OBS. Is there a way to hear game&twitch sound along with being able to talk to party and twitch chat with one headset?

    Hello, so I am fairly new to using OBS. I have not directly streamed from OBS yet as I am still figuring out all the nitty gritty details. One problem I have come across is audio and chat. Currently, I use ps4 remote play, and then display capture on OBS to capture the game play. I was wondering...
  18. M

    Question / Help Weird Background Noise (Update)

    When I am running this particular game called "The Theater", I get a strange audio in the background. It kinda sounds like a wavy frequency of noise. (No I am not joking and trying to scare anyone) I was able to suppress the weird audio a little bit so I can do a full let's play of the game. So...
  19. T

    Question / Help Desktop audio only picks up certain tabs

    Hey guys, so I haven't used OBS in some time and my desktop audio has been weird since. My desktop-audio only picks up certain programs (??) -> Google Chrome and media player's audio is used, Spotify and in-game audio not. I've looked into many different threads and could not find any fix for...
  20. I

    Question / Help Elgato game capture LED lights and Sound distortion

    for the past couple of days. My Elgato HD60 game capture device been acting up. Every time it try to go and record something, the game audio from the elgato will spike to max and have a wired sound distortion. I been trouble shooting with the elgato technical service for the past 5 days and...