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Hey guys,

so I haven't used OBS in some time and my desktop audio has been weird since.

My desktop-audio only picks up certain programs (??)
Google Chrome and media player's audio is used, Spotify and in-game audio not. I've looked into many different threads and could not find any fix for this.

I am also using a soundcard (ASUS Xonar DG) if that is relevant somehow.

My log:
Log File
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please read pinned posts they say provide a logfile

Please try to include a recording/streaming session when you experience problems while streaming or recording,
as OBS only writes important performance data during recording or streaming sessions.

If you have solved your problem yourself, please let the others know how you did it If someone else has the same problem,
he will find your post, read it through, is no step closer to solving it, and has wasted some time.