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Hi everyone as I have stated above, my stream is perfectly fine for around 20 minutes sometimes longer (sometimes shorter) then all of a sudden I'll see that the bar will turn from green to red and I'll go from around 6,000kbps to around 3,000kbps. Then obviously the FPS will drop from 60 to around 30, and it says I'll lose around 40/50% frames. I have no idea why, is it my internet/network? I have BT and an Ethernet cable which I have around 11 PING and my download speed is 35mbps and my upload is 7.66mbps. However my internet is far from perfect it drops and disconnect and when I stream I'll run a speedtest and the ping will shoot up to the 100's. I also always stream from my computer and I play the games on my console. So all the computer has to run is the whole stream set up. I know I can't be overworking the CPU because it only reaches around 7% so surely it can't be that my PC isn't powerful enough? I do really apologies about the paragraph.

As for the game capture audio disconnecting I am so so unsure about that. I have read online and everyone says how badly designed the Razer Ripsaw is. It's plugged into a blue USB port and obviously I don't accidentally nudge it or unplug it. But the audio will randomly disconnect and I always have to go 'audio properties' and reasign in again. Which if i stream for like 2 hours I would have to do this around 10 times which is ridiculous. Here are the stream logs, please can any help me? I am so close to giving up on streaming because I just don't understand why it's not working.


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18:09:38.503: Output 'simple_stream': Number of dropped frames due to insufficient bandwidth/connection stalls: 97514 (43.9%)

Run TwitchTest. There's generally not much relevance between ISP speed ratings, speedtest results, and streaming performance.

The above log line says that during that output session, almost half of your frames dropped due to network performance, indicating your bitrate is 40% too high. Check your NIC, local cabling, router, and then ask your ISP for support.