frame rate

  1. C

    OBS Preview Window - Set to 60fps, Looks like 30fps

    MacBook Pro M1 2021 32GB RAM Sonoma 14.4.1 OBS 30.1.2 PS5/Nintendo Switch Elgato HD60x Elgato FaceCam Mk2 So I stream on occasion, but I also just play through the Windowed Projector instead of a passthrough. Everything seems to be set properly to 60fps in all the input settings, the console...
  2. ikester

    Change OBS Virtual Camera frame rate (fps)?

    Does anybody know of a way to change the frame rate that the OBS virtual camera generates? I have my general video settings configured for 24 fps but the virtual camera still sends 60 fps. I haven't found any setting that allows me to tweak the Virtual Camera's frame rate directly either.
  3. D

    OBS Preview window is not showing consistent FPS though recording, other programs, and TV is fine at the same time

    First, the log file: I'm not streaming and am just looking to create local recordings to edit and post to YouTube. Now for the details: This is driving me nuts. I have a Live Gamer HD 2 card that can only do 1080p (I plan on upgrading at some...
  4. S

    I cant stream for more than 60 FPS no matter the resolution

    I haven't been able to stream or record over 60 FPS on any game lately. I have a fairly decent rig that has a: i7-8700k 2070 RTX 32 GB of DDR4 I have been able to run 900p at 60 fps in the past, so I don't know what the issue is anymore, I have tried lowering encoding presets, running obs as...
  5. jogabot

    "fractional fps"

    i was testing the 'fps value range' in OBS settings (in case anyone wuz wondering...) (1 - 60 for 'common fps values') (1 - 120 for 'integer fps values') (1 millionth - 1million for 'fractional fps values') i must've inadvertently selected ieither the million/millionth fps value and now i get...
  6. O

    How to set OBS to record in constant frame rate?

    Hi, as some of you probably know working with variable frame rate in software like premiere pro can be quite annoying. Is there any way how to set OBS to record in CFR (constant frame rate) instead of VFR (variable frame rate)? I have tried to look in settings but couldn't find anything.
  7. L

    Frame Rate Drops Horrifically Only When Streaming Warzone (Playing On PS5 Using Elgato HD60S+)

    Hi guys and girls, so I stream quite a bit on my PS5 using the Elgato HD60s+ capture card. All of my streams have been absolutely perfect but whenever I stream Warzone my viewers get a really choppy version of what I'm playing. It's fine on my screen, but when it runs through OBS it looks...
  8. B

    Please Help - Stream lags when I turn on my camera via legato cam link

    As the title says, I use my Sony A6400 as my camera while I stream. I recently purchased the elgato cam link to help make that possible. During one of my first streams, things were smooth with no apparent problem. But over the last few weeks, I’ve had to stream without my camera as every time I...
  9. K

    How to fix these strange lags or frame drops?

    Hello When I record with OBS, I have frame drops that I shouldn’t have with this PC and these settings. I used MSI Afterburner when recording to see CPU and GPU usage and other things. The CPU usage doesn’t exceed 20 – 25% at a resolution of 1440p and the GPU doesn’t exceed about 50%. The...
  10. O

    BUG: 60fps recording 60.33fps

    Im getting variable frame rates on OBS, anyone else having this problem? 59.94 setting in obs is actually recording 69.96, and 60fps is recording 60.33 When I bring it to premiere pro, then right click on clip and select "properties", Premiere Pro says its detected "variable frame rates".
  11. InfluxxMedia

    How to improve frame rates

    Hi guys, I've been using OBS for live streaming tutorials and for one-to-one teaching/tutoring for bout 6 months now and I've gotten a lot better and my show quality has improved. OBS has been great, a powerful tool and I'm enjoying learning it. Looking over recordings I really want to start to...
  12. R

    Question / Help Live Gig Stream frames shake

    Hi friends. Im start make streams with Luve Gigs in Facebook. And i can not find solution to my problem. Problem is a frame flutter. I see it in OBS ans in facebook stream. Here link to the stream: I use hackintosh i7, 16 gbram Gtx 740 Capture devise Blackmagic web presenter Blackmagic...
  13. H

    Question / Help Is it possible to stream at a variable frame rate?

    I stream in OBS at 30fps, but I've noticed when streaming certain video files in VLC with non-factorial frame rates, say 24 or 25fps, the output is slightly stuttery as it's often recording the same frame twice, repeating a frame about once every 5/6 frames (as to be expected). Setting the h264...
  14. Theealexguy

    Question / Help Frame rate loss, red bar, game capture audio disconnecting and kbps drop....

    Hi everyone as I have stated above, my stream is perfectly fine for around 20 minutes sometimes longer (sometimes shorter) then all of a sudden I'll see that the bar will turn from green to red and I'll go from around 6,000kbps to around 3,000kbps. Then obviously the FPS will drop from 60 to...
  15. J

    Question / Help OBS not reaching 60 FPS

    Hello everyone, today I attempted to record a section of gameplay for a trailer. However, the application tells me that it's running in 70-80 FPS, but it definitely feels more like the 40-45 FPS that OBS is telling me. The part that I'm confused about, though, is that it is only using 16-18% of...
  16. N

    Question / Help (Recording Only) Can't maintain a constant 60fps regardless of graphic settings/game

    As the title says, I can't manage to maintain a constant 60fps regardless of the game I play or the graphic settings I choose. The frame drops are usually quite subtle but I'd like to iron this out as it's quite frustrating to deal with. I'm not sure how important it is but It might be worth...
  17. Parallax Abstraction

    Question / Help Inconsistent Frame Capture - Not the typical issues.

    Hey all. I've had a long-standing issue here and I'm at my wit's end trying to research a solution so I hope someone can help. So my setup is as follows: Main rig: i7 6700K @ 4.6Ghz), 16GB DDR4, 1080Ti, controls scenes and sources but does NOT do the streaming, sends to streaming rig via...
  18. C

    Question / Help Frames Dropping In Obs with my Elgato hd60pro

    hello. I just got my Elgato hd60pro and when I use it in obs my frames are really bad. I then tried streaming with the Elgato software and the frames were better. Idk what settings to have in obs for the Elgato hd60pro. Or I don’t know if it’s my settings for the capture card not in my obs. My...
  19. S

    Question / Help Why is OBS So Garbage & Complicated?

    It's bad because I can't record 60 FPS videos like everyone else says you can. I don't want to Stream. Recording should take less work but for some reason I struggle. Since 2013 I have never been able to get 60 FPS recordings. 1080p doesn't look like 1080p. The 60 FPS setting is useless because...
  20. Zsomac

    Question / Help Change frame rate from variable frame rate to constant frame rate

    is there any way i can do that? If i download twitch vods they are always in variable frame rate and the audio messes up. i have the freshest version. Any idea what can i do? thanks a lot