OBS Preview window is not showing consistent FPS though recording, other programs, and TV is fine at the same time


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First, the log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/nDcsKvB1B3vKfJq0. I'm not streaming and am just looking to create local recordings to edit and post to YouTube.

Now for the details:

This is driving me nuts. I have a Live Gamer HD 2 card that can only do 1080p (I plan on upgrading at some point). In order to record PS5 footage, I have my PS5 HDMI going into a switcher, and then into a splitter that's capable of downscaling one or both of the signals to 1080p (or else the picture doesn't come through as well as it should if at all). This way, I don't have to constantly switch the PS5 back and forth to do any kind of recording until I can upgrade.

However, this shouldn't be an issue, as when I use the Avermedia RECentral 4 program which I am checking to make sure it's not a hardware issue, none of the issues happen. The game (Hogwart's Legacy) performs silky smooth without any kind of hitch.

But the second I try to play it on OBS, the preview will drop frames and at times even slow down to 30 FPS after some time being at 60. It just randomly decides it doesn't want to replicate the same quality I'm seeing on my TV or through RECentral. I want to use the full screen projector option so I can record and record commentary, and my mic is not situated to where I can record while watching on my TV.

This is because, for some reason, this slowdown doesn't occur anywhere else. If I go and record and see that my preview has shown it to be at 30 with dropped frames, the recordings, albeit with slight hiccups, doesn't show the slowdown. It's nearly at a perfect 60FPS, as if the slowdown never happened. This makes it not only annoying to play, but to analyze if there will be any further issues with the recording if it's not accurately showing me what the output will be.

I have looked at every possible scenario, and have looked at several things like resolution, frame rate, color range, encoder, and have not been able to pinpoint where the problem is. I have three monitors: one a 4k and two 1080p with one in portrait mode, if that makes any difference. Again, I'm only experiencing this issue in OBS specifically, which makes me think I have some settings wrong.


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Okay, so tried to do a clean install and do this again, and still with skipped frames and the preview window sometimes not displaying the game at 60 FPS (will start at 60 and then for no real reason slow down and will either stay at 30 instead or go back and forth without a reason). Here's the new logfile.